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5 Common Work Related Injuries

by The Brown Firm / April 22, 2016

Common Work Related Injuries in Georgia

Work Related Injuries can range from something minor that heals within a few days to something severe that never heals. Certain work environments can be more hazardous than others, but it is possible to obtain an injury no matter where you work. 

Did you know that work-related injuries are highest among healthcare workers?

The Most Common Work-Related Injuries we See in Our Georgia Offices: 



The most common work-related injury is overextension. This often occurs when a person is pushing, pulling, lifting, throwing, or carrying. Overextending may cause torn or sprained muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Over extension may also cause back related injuries such as disc herniations. 

Slip and Fall 

Slipping and falling on the job is another very common work injury. It is most prominent on job sites where liquids can be spilled, or there is debris. Slip and fall injuries usually result in bone fractures, head injuries, or torn ligaments. 

Repetitive Motion 

The most common issue that occurs from repetitive motion at work is carpal tunnel syndrome. However, repetitive motion with any body part such as the shoulders, neck, and arms may also cause significant pain. 

Falling Objects 

Objects that fall from a height frequently cause serious hWork Injury Attorney In Georgia ead, face, neck and foot injuries. Some examples include:

  • Ladders
  • Forklifts
  • Product Shelves
  • Pallets 

Vehicle Accidents 

Motor vehicle accidents such a trucking accidents are very common among work injuries. People are injured every day driving a company vehicle. These accidents usually occur on public roads, private driveways, or parking lots. 

If you have experienced a work injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. 

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