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Why Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney?

by The Brown Firm / April 21, 2016

Wrongful death cases are not criminal cases. The negligent party is not punished via incarceration, but rather, with payable damages. Most people are unfamiliar with civil court cases and therefore require the assistance of an experienced Georgia lawyer to win and receive their rightful payout in a wrongful death case. You may also be asking yourself, "What is the difference between wrongful death and murder?"

So, Why Hire A Georgia Wrongful Death Lawyer?

It is understandable that when a loved one suddenly dies a wrongful death that family members would want to seek compensation for the loss of potential future income, medical or funeral expenses, and of course, pain and suffering. 

Why hire an attorney for a Wrongful Death Case?This type of legal action must be taken immediately and hiring an experienced attorney can take a big weight off of your shoulders. A Georgia wrongful death lawyer can help you file your claim and start building your case immediately. Having the resources to gather quickly evidence and witness statements is also critical to receiving a favorable outcome with your case.  

Because there are so many different potential wrongful death cases, an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-rounded Georgia attorney is almost always necessary for winning your case. 

What are Some of the Most Common Georgia Wrongful Death Claims?

  • Car and Truck Accidents 
    • Motor vehicle accidents that result in a wrongful death can be caused by manufacturer error or the fault of another driver negligent actions
  • Medical Malpractice
    • Wrongful death as a result of medical malpractice is usually due to medical personnel's actions or lack there of. 
  • Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse
    • Wrongful death cases involving nursing homes usually result in employees being held liable for the abuse or extreme neglect of an elderly person, which results in their death. 
  • Construction or Work Place Accident
    • Work-related deaths are usually a result of faulty equipment, unsafe work environment, lack of necessary precautions, or inadequate training. Some fields were particularly dangerous and have a higher rate of wrongful death cases, such as construction and healthcare

If a loved one has tragically died in a wrongful death accident and you are considering suing to pursue the compensation owed to your family, then retaining a lawyer in Savannah, Atlanta, or Athens should be your first step.

Wrongful death cases are usually complex and differ from common personal injury cases. So, having the support of The Brown Firm's Attorneys, who specialize in wrongful death cases, can be extremely beneficial to the outcome of your case.

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