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As an attorney and chiropractor, Harry Brown, along with his team of attorneys, provides compassionate, unparalleled service.

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Our Personal Injury Team’s Competitive Advantage

You only get one shot at justice and compensation after an accident; our personal injury lawyers are here to make sure you get both!

Our personal injury attorneys have been representing the rights of injury victims for decades. We take the time and effort to evaluate your unique situation. Whether you need us for a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, medical malpractice lawsuit, or workers’ compensation claim, our experienced lawyers know the best approach based on your needs.

It is with this unique customer service approach that we are proudly set apart from other personal injury law firms.

At The Brown Firm, we have a team of professionals that truly care about each and every client, and accident attorneys with the legal experience and compassion to represent you during this difficult time period.

We make sure that our clients:

– Speak with a licensed personal injury attorney

– Understand their legal options

– Have their phone calls returned in a timely manner

– Given regular case updates

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by a negligent party, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel.

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I had a great experience with The Brown Law Firm. Professional service and they worked hard on my case to make sure I was taken care of in the end.

Shannon Pearson
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Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The Problem

All too often, lawyers want you to settle your case as quickly as possible so they can get paid fast, and it doesn’t require much effort on their part. At The Brown Firm, we believe that each case deserves our maximum attention.

Why Us?

As both an attorney and a chiropractor, Harry Brown has seen how injuries can impact your quality of life both physically and financially. Also, he has seen the ugly side of how insurance companies take advantage of people! By treating patients and dealing with insurance providers, Harry realized he could bring that experience and knowledge to personal injury law for people like you.

Many law offices charge extensive legal fees before they will begin any work for the client. This will often cause added financial pressure to an already stressful time.

The Brown Firm does not charge any up-front fees to begin legal work. All of the attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid when you receive a fair settlement from the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

Our lawyers work for you.

We provide open communication with our clients and 24/7 availability to answer any of your questions and concerns. We represent your best interests, and your needs are our priority.

All discussions remain confidential.

All details and discussions about your case are kept confidential. If you wish for your lawyer to disclose any information to your spouse or other relatives, you must give us permission to do so.

We will always ask permission before settling your case.

If a settlement offer is received, we will contact you and review the offer, providing our recommendation on whether you should accept the offer.

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Why Choose The Brown Firm?

Unparalleled Service

With over three decades of combined legal experience, The Brown Firm provides expert legal representation to victims of personal injury accidents and negligence. Our team handles a variety of personal injury case types.

Our injury attorneys in Georgia and South Carolina aggressively negotiate and litigate on behalf of our clients, pursuing their rights to maximum compensation for their injuries.

We have an in-depth understanding of injury law, significant courtroom experience, and an unparalleled medical background.

With The Brown Firm at your side, you can expect the personalized attention of a small firm with the financial backing to take on any case, no matter the scope.

Personal Approach to Client Satisfaction

You need to feel comfortable with the firm you’ve chosen.

From your first phone call with our staff to your free initial consultation, we make it a priority to get to know you and the details of your case, how you have been affected by your injuries, and how we can best serve you during the claims process.

We take the time to thoroughly explain how our team of legal experts can benefit you and strive to earn your business every single day.

Dedicated Lawyers Who Fight for You

The Brown Firm is comprised of personal injury experts and dedicated professionals who are trained to fight insurance companies and large corporations in court strategically.

Whether your case involves a major trucking company, a corporate nursing home, a major insurance company, or a large hospital, we prioritize investigating each case thoroughly. We pride ourselves on taking cases other Georgia law firms may find challenging to handle.

Our injury lawyers have established themselves as respected trial attorneys who are not afraid to go to court to get their clients the financial compensation they deserve.

We make it a goal for our clients to receive the maximum settlement amount allowed by law and fight aggressively to meet that end.

Still need more information?

Let’s go through some specifics about personal injury law that you need to know and the particular practice areas we serve.

What You Need To Do to File a Personal Injury Claim

Get Medical Treatment After Your Accident

After you are involved in an accident, it’s crucial to your health and a potential lawsuit to be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Regardless of how you feel immediately after the accident, it’s still important to seek medical care. The doctor will be able to find out if you suffered any severe injuries, even if you are not in any immediate pain. They will also provide your attorney with the necessary documentation of your injuries to help with the lawsuit.

It’s important to keep the following in mind:

– Immediately seek medical attention after an accident.

– Do not miss future treatments.

– Always follow the recommendation of the doctor.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney as Quickly as Possible

The personal injury system allows the injured to be compensated financially after suffering harm because of another’s careless or negligent actions.

Personal injury cases in Georgia allow for a two-year statute of limitations before you can begin a lawsuit. In South Carolina, it’s three years.

It’s important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible after an accident occurs so they can begin the investigation process for your case.

  • The Brown Firm operates on a contingency basis. This means we do not ask for any money up-front, we will fight diligently to win your case. Otherwise we do not get paid. When you receive a settlement, that’s when our attorneys receive their compensation as well.
  • Studies show that injured victims who are represented by a personal injury lawyer receive an average settlement more than three times higher than those who are not represented.
  • Negotiating a settlement is a complicated process. Consider an insurance adjuster’s full-time job dealing with accidents and injury cases. He or she is backed by professional investigators, medical experts, vocational specialists, etc.

The faster you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney, the better chance you will have at receiving the maximum compensation that you are owed for your losses.

The lawyers at our firm will complete a thorough investigation into your accident, and if they need to, they will hire medical experts to review your injuries and medical records.

It will be up to your attorney to handle all of the negotiations with the other person’s insurance company. If for some reason, an agreement cannot be met, your attorney will be prepared to take your case to trial.

If the case does go to trial, it will then be up to a judge or jury to determine the amount of financial compensation that you should receive from the party responsible for your losses.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Whether you have been in a car accident or suffered medical malpractice, our legal team represents clients during their most stressful times. For more than a decade, we have represented the injured in Georgia and South Carolina, and we can put that experience to work for you.

In some cases, car accidents result in long-term, life-altering injuries. Some people may be affected by the consequences of a motor vehicle accident for the rest of their lives, with a disfiguring scar or throbbing pain serving as a constant reminder of the traumatic event that occurred.

Our car accident lawyers have many years of experience handling these types of cases.

An accident involving semi-truck can be a devastating experience for the driver. Cars, SUVs, and even pickup trucks are dwarfed by large tractor-trailers, which means that collisions between the two rarely end well. Their sheer size, when combined with tired, overworked drivers, can spell disaster for motorists.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident that was someone else’s fault, contact The Brown Firm.

Motorcycle riders are more likely to be involved in accidents and suffer serious injuries. It’s simply not fair that you or a loved one must endure motorcycle accident injuries while also battling insurance matters or being offered a far lower settlement than you deserve.

Contact our injury firm if you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle wreck.

Medical malpractice can come in a variety of forms, including birth injuries, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, medication errors, and surgical errors.

You may need to demonstrate that the health care provider was “grossly negligent,” so contact The Brown Firm for an initial consultation and let our legal staff do the work for you.

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, the negligent property owner may be held financially liable for your injuries, including medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost wages.

Seek out our skilled representation if you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of others.

Many nursing home residents are especially vulnerable to neglect and elder abuse because they rely on staff to meet their needs. There are state and federal laws in place to protect nursing home residents.

If you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of nursing home’s negligence, you can count on us to represent you with compassion.


It is never easy to lose a loved one. It’s even more difficult to deal with your own grief while also fighting for justice in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Don’t try to handle it alone if you intend to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a loved one. It is in your best interests to work with a skilled wrongful death attorney who understands your pain and can provide compassionate legal counsel.

If you or a loved one has been hit by a vehicle while crossing the street, you should seek legal counsel from The Brown Firm before accepting any offer from the liable party. Our passionate team of attorneys, can review your offer and fight for you if you need to settle for more.

Bicycle accidents can cause devastating injuries and many fatalities due to a variety of factors ranging from failure to respect the right-of-way to driving while distracted. Some of these damages can result in large medical bills, property damage, and months of lost wages for victims.

Our bicycle accident lawyers can help you get the fair compensation you need.

If you were bitten by a dog as a result of negligence, you may be unaware that you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical costs, and damages. The Brown Firm has skilled attorneys who can assist you.

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If you were involved in a personal injury accident, you need the help of an experienced attorney. We have recovered millions of dollars and get the best compensation for clients.

Having a knowledgeable attorney will give you the best chance at your claim for compensation.

Our legal team understands that being involved in an accident can cause catastrophic injuries and damages, and trying to handle a lawsuit alone can be very complex and stressful.

When you contact The Brown Firm, you can rest assured that you will be in great hands with your personal injury lawsuit. We take pride in being able to offer top-of-the-line, effective representation in Georgia and South Carolina. Come to any one of our convenient office locations in Okatie, Savannah, Atlanta, or Athens to meet with a top local personal injury lawyer. 

Live too far from one of our offices in Georgia or South Carolina? That’s okay! We can handle your case over the phone!

Our team of lawyers offers a free consultation to see how we can best assist you. Find out how our experienced attorneys can help you during your difficult time. All you have to do is click on the button below to schedule a time that works best for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Law

After an accident, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get clear, honest information from the insurance company.

Here, our personal injury lawyers answer some of your most common questions.

Negotiations typically take several weeks or months and usually come to a conclusion when both parties agree on a number that has been offered. Throughout the negotiation process, both parties will typically make counteroffers in different amounts.

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash occurs when the body moves forward and backward at high speeds causing the muscles and ligaments to stretch.

Symptoms of whiplash may include pain in the neck, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness in the arms or legs, tingling sensations, loss of balance, memory problems, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even paralysis.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries occur when there is trauma to the spinal column.

Symptoms of spinal cord injury may include weakness, numbness, tingling, burning sensation, pain, paresthesia, bowel and bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, spasticity, sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, seizures, and coma.

Brain Damage

Brain damage is the third most common type of injury, following neck and back injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are also a result of these types of accidents.

There are many different types of TBI, including contusions, lacerations, fractures, hematomas, edema, hemorrhages, and traumatic brain swelling. These devastating injuries are generally associated with blunt force trauma, falls, and motor vehicle crashes.

Common symptoms of brain damage include headache, confusion, disorientation, difficulty thinking, slurred speech, inability to remember things, lack of coordination, visual impairments, and hearing loss.


A concussion occurs when the brain moves inside the skull after being hit by an external force.

Most people who suffer from concussions have no symptoms at first. However, if left untreated, it may cause permanent damage to the brain.

Symptoms of concussion include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, fatigue, irritability, memory loss, confusion, depression, and difficulty concentrating.

Broken Bones

A broken bone or fracture is any break in the continuity of a bone. Fractures occur when the body experiences extreme trauma, such as a car accident.

If not treated properly, these bodily injuries can lead to serious complications, including infection, deformity, and disability.

Common types of fractured bones include wrist, ankle, elbow, hip, knee, ribs, and shoulders.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are injuries caused by the sudden twisting motion of joints. These injuries often result in pain and swelling.

Sprains and strains usually happen in the ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, neck, back, shoulders, and fingers.

Burn Injuries

Burns are injuries where the skin is damaged by heat.

Skin burns can range from superficial to deep, depending on how long they last and what type of burn they are. Superficial burns involve only the top layer of the skin, while deep burns go deeper than the skin.

Medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, loss of consortium, burial expenses, and punitive damages are some of the types of damages that you can claim after a personal injury accident.

In Georgia, the statute of limitations for civil cases such as car accidents, wrongful death, and other personal injury claims is two years. In South Carolina, you have three years from the date of the injury. You must file a personal injury claim by then, or your case will not be valid.

The settlement value is basically what a jury would award you for what you went through because of your injuries. That number is the sum of your pain, suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Nothing! If an insurance company contacts you, you should not respond until you have spoken with your attorney. The primary reason why the insurance company contacts accident victims, is to obtain a statement that can be used to reduce the value of compensation.

Although you may eventually be required to communicate with them, you should always contact an expert legal team first. In order to protect the value of your case, they will explain what you can and cannot say to the insurance company.

Hiring one of our personal injury lawyers will not cost you any upfront legal fees because we offer our clients a free consultation and work on a contingency fee basis. Only a small amount of your final payment goes to your lawyer.

Because your attorney is paid on a contingency fee basis, you may rest assured that they will do everything possible to maximize your settlement and ensure that you win your claim.

You will need proof that you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligent actions. This will show through medical records. If you can show that another party’s negligent actions caused you harm, then you have a personal injury claim.

Communication – You can determine the competence of an attorney based on how they interact with their clients. Our attorneys at The Brown Firm will keep you informed about every aspect of the case. Additionally, they will treat you with the utmost respect.

Experience – A personal injury attorney with experience has a greater chance of winning the case than a novice. Our attorneys are experienced and licensed to represent clients in personal injury cases.

Availability – You can contact our legal staff outside of normal business hours if you have questions regarding your lawsuit.

Low Legal Fees – Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they are not paid unless you are compensated. Additionally, The Brown Firm ensures that your legal fees are not wasted.

Honesty – There is always the possibility that you will lose the lawsuit. Our attorneys are straightforward and will provide you with all pertinent information regarding the case.

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