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Tractor Trailer Crash Attorney If you suffered injury in a Tractor Trailer Accident in the state of Georgia our attorneys can help you with your case.

Commercial trucks such as big rigs, tankers, tractor trailer and 18 wheelers are extremely large and heavy vehicles that can cause serious and lethal accidents.

There are strict government regulations that trucking companies must follow regarding the operation of their rigs.  

This includes driver training and work schedules.  When a Truck causes an Accident, the driver and trucking company can be held
accountable for injuries and property damage.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, contact an experienced truck accident attorney from The Brown Firm for legal advice and representation.  

Attorney Harry Brown Jr. DC, JD is extremely familiar with the debilitating injuries a person can suffer due to a large vehicle accident, and will use his legal and medical experience to vigorously fight for your right to compensation.

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Determining Fault in a Tractor Trailer Wreck 

Commercial trucking companies must follow strict guidelines set in place by the government to protect motorists from these kinds of life threatening accidents.

If any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are not followed and result in an accident, the truck driver or company will most likely be at fault and can be held liable.Need a Truck Accident Attorney

 Commonly violated rules include,

  •  Improperly maintained vehicles
  • tired drivers
  • violations of highway traffic and safety laws 

Driver fatigue is probably the most common cause of 18 wheeler accidents in Georgia.

Drivers commonly drive over the amount of designated hours permitted each day, in order to meet unrealistic deadlines, which makes them fatigued.  

This is an extremely common problem in the trucking industry and therefore, when an accident occurs, a careful examination of records is essential.

More than likely, driving logs will demonstrate an overall disregard for the federal safety regulations, or prove to be fraudulent. Additionally, drivers and trucking companies are only required to keep these records for six months.

Therefore, obtaining these implicating logs must be done within the initial six month period or they may be destroyed. 

A person who does not have solid proof, or incriminating evidence, that regulations were ignored will have a much more challenging time winning their Georgia Commercial Truck Accident Case. 

Therefore, hiring an expert lawyer is essential. 

Georgia Truck Accident AttorneysA committed personal injury attorney from Harry Brown Law Firm's will analyze your case to prove that the truck driver or trucking company was negligent and at fault for the accident by;

  • Analyzing Driving Logs
  • Checking Vehicle Maintenance
  • Identifying any Manufacturer Defects or Recalls
  • Authenticating Driver Credentials
  • Investigating the Scene of the Accident:
    • Police Reports
    • Photographs
    • Witness Statements 

Why Hire An Attorney from Harry Brown Law Firm?

When you or a loved one has been involved in a big rig traffic accident injuries can be so severe that they will require long-term treatment and care.

Our firm will prepare a comprehensive claim and seek maximum compensation for any accident-related expenses and losses, including,

  • hospitalization
  • medical care
  • lost wages
  • rehabilitation
  • physical therapy
  • home care 
  • property damage

You deserve compensation and a just settlement, and we will work hard to minimize hassles and delays.

Contact a Savannah, Atlanta, or Athens Truck Accident Lawyer for determined and resourceful representation.

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