Dash Cam Footage Helps Secure Maximum Settlement for Our Client

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  1. Mark Is Pushed Off the Road and Into the Trees
  2. Months of Recovery and Missed Income
  3. The Insurance Company Offers an Insultingly Low Settlement
  4. The Brown Firm Uses Dash Cam Footage to Demand a Fair Settlement
  5. The Brown Firm Protects the Injured in South Carolina and Georgia

On an otherwise normal day in July, Mark’s entire life was turned upside down when a distracted driver violently rear-ended his SUV, pushing it right off the road and into a tree.

Mark’s following months came with significant pain, numerous treatments, and plenty of lost income. To top it off, the insurance company wasn’t offering anything close to a fair settlement—at least not until The Brown Firm presented them with footage of the incident and made them understand what they’d be faced with if the case got to trial.

Keep reading to hear Mark’s story, understand his road to recovery, and learn how The Brown Firm helped him get the compensation he deserved.

I met with Harry Brown personally and he sat with me for 20 minutes at our initial consultation to explain everything. He even called after my surgery to see how I was doing. I met with him several more times after that and was kept informed about my case throughout. I highly recommend Harry Brown as an attorney.


Mark Is Pushed Off the Road and Into the Trees

Late one summer morning, Mark was driving along May River Road in his SUV. As a drywaller, he carried ladders and equipment in his vehicle, and was perhaps looking forward to a lunch break soon.

As Mark slowed down with traffic to make a left turn, he was suddenly and violently hit from behind. The impact caused Mark to lose control of his vehicle, fly off the left side of the road, run into a tree, and finally stop at the tree line.

Fortunately, Mark was conscious and able to move. But between the car crash itself and the run-in with the trees, his car was so crushed that he couldn’t get out of the driver’s side. Instead, he crawled out a passenger door and into someone’s yard.

Dash Cam Footage Helps Secure Maximum Settlement
Dash Cam Footage Helps Client

Months of Recovery and Missed Income

Mark was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he recalled being rear ended and crawling out the passenger side of his car, but nothing in between. He did remember a ladder hitting the back of his head after the initial impact.

Ultimately, Mark suffered a concussion as well as injuries to his back and knee. Within a few days, he also developed terrible abdominal pain and went back to the hospital, where he received injections for pain management. In addition, Mark sought chiropractic treatment for pain and decreased range of motion in his neck and shoulder.

Months later, and after countless injections, medications, and other treatments, Mark reached his maximum medical improvement (MMI). While he’d seen significant improvement in his comfort and mobility, his medical bills were adding up and the lost income during recovery made everything more difficult.

It was undeniable that none of this was Mark’s fault. It was time to demand a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

The Insurance Company Offers an Insultingly Low Settlement

Liability was clear in Mark’s claim. Not only did the other driver plow into Mark’s car, but the absence of skid marks on the road indicated that the other driver didn’t even try to stop. This suggests distracted driving. The responding officers questioned her multiple times about drug or alcohol use, though the causes of her distraction turned out to be fatigue, fumbling with a face mask, and using an electronic device.

We filed claims with the at-fault driver’s two relevant insurance policies. Mark easily recovered the maximum amount from one, but the other was more challenging. The insurance company offered only a fraction of what we demanded, and what Mark needed to get back on his feet after the medical bills and missed work.

The Brown Firm Uses Dash Cam Footage to Demand a Fair Settlement

The team at The Brown Firm knew it was time to get serious for Mark. We asked for dash cam footage from the police officer who responded to the accident.

This footage did not show the at-fault driver in a flattering light, to say the least. It showed her declining a nystagmus test (which officers sometimes use if they suspect DUI), claiming she could not take it due to legal blindness in one eye. It also revealed her admitting to her fatigue and distraction, as well as the officer’s comments about the lack of skid marks and frequent questions about whether she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

We reminded the insurance company that this and the other evidence we’d collected would create quite an ordeal for the at-fault driver should the case go to court. We also stressed how difficult the accident and recovery had been for Mark, and that the courts would likely agree with our assessment.

In the end, the insurance company finally gave in and Mark recovered the maximum compensation from that second insurance policy as well. His case didn’t have to go to trial, and he was able to focus on rebuilding his life.

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