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Taking photos after a car accident is pivotal to proving your case

Taking as many photos as possible of your auto accident is the best evidence that you can provide to your insurance company and attorney because they give solid proof of what caused the accident.  

To learn more about why photos are so important to your car accident case keep on reading!

The Importance of Photos After a Car Accident - The Angles You Need

by The Brown Firm / July 31, 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words, and let’s be honest, after a car accident you are going to need more than a thousand words to explain what happened. 

Many people under estimate the power that photos hold when it comes to car accidents.   

After a car accident, an investigation will be done by your insurance company and attorney to determine the cause of the accident, extent of vehicle damage, and extent of injuries to all persons involved. 

Photos provide the best evidence for all of these aspects of the accident because they can not be tampered with or distorted.  

Where peoples' stories tend to change, photos tell the same story every time. 

Therefore, you want to provide your insurance company with as many photos as possible, and you also want to make sure that you get multiple angles of everything that you photograph.  

With that being said, lets go over what kind of photos you need to take!

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So, What Kind of Pictures Do You Need?

The Importance of Photos After a Car Accident from Harry Brown, Jr. DC, JD

You want to make sure that you get 5 different types of pictures from your car accident:

  • The Vehicles: You want to make sure that you get photos of all the damage to both your vehicle and the other drivers vehicle. Along with photos of the vehicles, it would be a good idea to get photographic documentation of the other driver's license plates and insurance information so that there is no mix up or miscommunication verbally. 

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  • What types of photos should I take after a car accident?The Scene of the Accident: You want to document as much as possible about the accident. This means everything that happened surrounding your car such as skid marks, crash debris, the position of both cars and broken glass. 

    This would also entail photos of the nearby road signs, traffic lights, light poles, guardrails and the traffic flow at the time of the accident.  You will also want to make sure you document any damage caused by the accident to these objects.  These photos can be helpful for the police to determine fault.

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  • The Area Surrounding the Accident: The surrounding area would consist of where the accident happened whether it be an intersection, parking lot, or another location.This would also entail photos of the surrounding businesses.

    Many businesses have security cameras that record the surrounding area outside of their building, so there is a possibility that their cameras caught the accident.  So by taking photos of the businesses you will be able to remember what businesses are there so that you or your lawyer can contact them to see if they have video footage of the accident.  

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  • The Weather: Documenting pictures of the weather is not a common thought right after a car accident, but it can be very important in your case. Although weather can change from minute to minute you can still get a clear idea of what the weather was like at the time of the accident.

    By having these pictures, you will be able to avoid the other driver falsely claiming that the weather was a factor if it was not true. 

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  • Your Injuries and the Injuries of the People in Your Car: Documenting pictures of your injuries is important for insurance compensation purposes.  You want to make sure that you get all injuries documented at the time of the accident, but also as they begin to heal. 

    Some injuries such as bruises can take a few days to appear, so you want to make sure that you document them as soon as they appear.  If you sought medical treatment you also want to make sure that is documented.  Where you on crutches? Did you break a bone and have to get a cast? Did you need stitches? Document everything!

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What If I Can’t Take Pictures Due To Injuries From The Accident?

Should I take photos of my car accident?

If you sustained serious injuries due to the car accident your first priority should be to seek medical attention.

So if seeking immediate medical treatment prohibits you from taking pictures of the accident what are you supposed to do?

The best thing to do would be to ask someone you trust to take as many pictures as possible for you.  An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer should also be contacted as soon as possible so that they can go to the scene of the accident and gather evidence on your behalf as well. 

Again, after being in a car accident the more pictures you take the merrier, and the more angels you have the better you are able to provide solid proof of what happened during the accident and to make sure that the other party is held liable.  

Here are some additional resources that have helped other clients who experienced auto accidents that we hope will help you! 

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