Winning for an Injured Passenger with Compassion and Persistence: Jaclyn’s Story

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  1. One Wrong Move Causes a Serious Accident
  2. Jaclyn Faces Worsening Injuries and Mounting Bills
  3. Life Gets in the Way for Jaclyn; We Stay on the Case
  4. The Brown Firm Secures Maximum Policy Limits for Jaclyn
  5. Contact The Brown Firm After a Car Accident

Like any passenger, Jaclyn trusted her driver to make safe decisions behind the wheel. The last thing she expected that September day was to wind up with serious injuries and a pile of medical bills because of her driver’s carelessness.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. From a car accident to worries about money to difficult relationships, Jaclyn was in a challenging place. Keep reading to learn the story, and how The Brown Firm helped her recover from a hard situation.  

I met with Harry Brown personally and he sat with me for 20 minutes at our initial consultation to explain everything. He even called after my surgery to see how I was doing. I met with him several more times after that and was kept informed about my case throughout. I highly recommend Harry Brown as an attorney.


One Wrong Move Causes a Serious Accident

Jaclyn was a passenger in her friend’s SUV as they drove along the road on a September morning. After waiting at a stoplight, the driver stepped on the gas and started moving into the right lane as he entered the intersection.

At the same time, another car approached the intersection, driving in the right lane. Jaclyn’s driver, not seeing the other vehicle, changed lanes and drove right into its front bumper.

Because the second vehicle hadn’t been stopped at the light, it was moving much faster than Jaclyn’s friend’s SUV. The force of the impact flipped the SUV over and into the intersection.

Fortunately, everyone survived, and Jaclyn’s injuries appeared, at first, relatively minor. However, this is far from the end of the story.

injured passenger

Jaclyn Faces Worsening Injuries and Mounting Bills

Immediately after the accident, Jaclyn was treated for a cut above her eye. That and some head pain seemed to be the extent of her injuries.

But within a couple of days, she developed significant pain in the right side of her neck, chest, ribs, and abdomen. Her eyes were also very bruised and swollen. Obviously, Jaclyn’s injuries were more severe than she initially thought.

Quickly, the costs began to add up. Within a few months, Jaclyn made multiple visits to health facilities and underwent several diagnostic tests. She tried medications and therapies, but nothing seemed to truly address her pain.

Ultimately, Jaclyn was diagnosed with a range of significant back issues. Before the end of the year, she’d racked up tens of thousands in medical expenses. 

To make matters worse, Jaclyn was also dealing with some difficult relationships, and these made it even harder for her to get real help.

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Life Gets in the Way for Jaclyn; We Stay on the Case

The Brown Firm met Jaclyn in the months after the accident as she dealt with frustrating injuries and bills. We knew there was no question of liability, as the driver she was with clearly caused the crash. Our team was confident we could get Jaclyn the money she needed, and deserved, to get back on her feet.

Then, to our surprise, we stopped hearing from Jaclyn. We couldn’t reach her with calls, texts, letters, or even emergency contacts. It was as if she’d simply disappeared.

At this point, some attorneys might wash their hands of the case, assuming the client hired another lawyer or changed their mind about pursuing the case. Once all legal obligations were met, they may simply move on to other clients.

We weren’t ready to abandon Jaclyn. Something seemed strange about her silence, and we still believed we could help her.

Finally, after researching where Jaclyn might be, we pinpointed a family property that looked promising. Our investigator went to the location (with us on the phone in case anything happened) and knocked on the door, several times. To our dismay, there was no answer.

Eventually, our investigator yelled that he was from The Brown Firm. Someone liked the sound of that and came out to talk. It was Jaclyn, and she was thrilled we were there.

Apparently, she’d been hiding out from some people she needed to avoid, which explained why we’d had such a hard time reaching her. Jaclyn was amazed at the lengths we took to find her and was ready to move forward with the case. 

passenger car accident victim

The Brown Firm Secures Maximum Policy Limits for Jaclyn

Time was of the essence now for Jaclyn. We immediately sent out a demand letter on her behalf, stating that she deserved the limits of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy to cover what his carelessness cost her.

Because Jaclyn’s driver’s liability was unquestioned and her injuries were impacting her quality of life, we didn’t face a lot of pushback from the insurance company. The Brown Firm secured maximum policy limits for this deserving client.   

In the end, Jaclyn was extremely happy with the outcome of her case, and we were glad to see her finally able to move on with her life.

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Contact The Brown Firm After a Car Accident

We believe every client deserves the kind of service we provided for Jaclyn, and our team will go above and beyond for each of them. From injuries to medical expenses to life in general, you have enough to deal with, and The Brown Firm is here to make it all a little easier.

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