When You’re Not Home for the Holidays: Safety Tips When Traveling

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Happy Holidays! It’s a great time of year to visit family and friends from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but it’s also important to make sure you’re doing it safely. According to USA Today and AAA, early 30,000 people will be injured and 300 will die during the holiday travel period.

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So, what are we to do with these kinds of statistics? Here are some tips to help keep you safe this holiday season:

  • Watch the weather: Blizzards, sleet, hail, icy roads, rain and gusting winds are all dangerous factors to consider when traveling. Strangely enough, however, it seems that more accidents happen in better winter weather as more people are willing to brave the odds. Regardless of the weather, don’t let your guard down and check weather reports ahead of your trip.
  • Don’t drink and drive: Celebrating the season is commonplace, but it’s dangerous when one too many drinks is added to operating a moving vehicle. Designate a non-drinking driver, watch your alcohol intake, and use good judgment. Also, watch the roads for suspicious driving to avoid becoming the victim of someone else’s fun night.
  • Wear those seatbelts: When busy and bustling about, it can sometimes slip our minds to put on our seatbelts. However, it’s too costly to forget something this important, so make sure to check that your family and your friends are all buckled up safely before you drive.

Whatever you do over the holidays, make sure you’re prepared for the possibilities, be safe and have a great time with family and friends without having to worry about any accidents or safety problems!

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