When Do Car Accidents Happen Most Frequently and Why?

Determining the most dangerous time to drive is not an easy feat. There are many factors that play into dangerous driving conditions and when you are more at risk to be involved in an accident.

For example, the season, the weather, the day of the week and even the types of drivers contribute to determining the riskiest time to drive.

As part of our firm mission, we enjoy providing articles that prevent many of the areas that we litigate, I know that sounds crazy, you might even think we are shooting ourselves in the foot, but our first goal as a Firm is to provide resources for public safety and awareness.

With that said, this blog will delve into all the factors and prepare you for the most dangerous times to drive so you can be more informed when you are on the road.

We want you and your family to be safe, so continue reading below to learn some of the most dangerous times to avoid the road, or how to protect yourself if you find yourself on the road during these unsavory times.

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Rush Hour

Now, rush hour is the most obvious answer to this question.

Typically Monday through Friday when there are the most cars on the road with drivers frantically trying to get to their respective jobs without being late, the most accidents are bound to occur. Add in some external factors, like weather, and it is a recipe for disaster. 

Now during the work week, it is pretty safe to say that the most dangerous time to drive is between the hours of 6 am and 10 am and 4 pm and 8 pm.

Now depending on where you live and the size of the city you are driving in, these times can vary by an hour or two, but for the most part, these eight hours are perilous.

The Dangers of Summer Season

Summer means schools out, which also means a lot of 16-year-old kids are behind the wheel for the next three months.

This time of year is often referred to as the “100 Deadliest Days for Teens” and for good reason.

Due to their inexperience driving, teens are already at a great disadvantage and are involved in more accidents than any other age group, so add an abundance of people on the road and a storm or two and I think it would be pretty safe to say that is one of the most dangerous times to be behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Teens are at such a great risk during the summer months not only because of their lack of experience but also because of their excess free time.

This leads to reckless behavior and distracted driving, which endangers not only themselves, but their passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians near the road.

Here are a couple of resources to help determine if someone is distracted while driving and here are 3 apps that can help prevent distracted driving.


Now holiday weekends are in a category of their own.

Holidays are by far the most dangerous time to drive. Not only are there far more people on the road driving to gatherings with friends and dinners with family, there is often alcohol and dreariness involved.

After a long day or night, a long drive can be tough to stay awake through and add the effects of drinking and millions of other drivers on the road and it is a deadly combination. 

Winter Weather Whiteouts

Winter. Snow, ice, and sleet. The words alone make me cringe when I have to think about driving, especially for those southern states that so rarely experience snow that roads completely shut down and inexperienced winter drivers make the treacherous drive to their destination.

I know this sounds like it is straight out of a horror film, but if you have ever driven in Atlanta during an ice storm, you can relate.

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How to Protect Yourself During These High-Risk Times?

Although it is the most obvious answer, the best way to protect yourself during these high-risk times would be, of course, to stay off the road! However, we know this is completely unrealistic to ask.

Now, during an ice storm in the middle of winter, yes, I would recommend you maybe stay home for that one, but all summer?

You can’t live your life hiding from teen drivers the next 100 days, but you can take some precautions. 

This includes being extra aware of your surroundings and other drivers. Practice safe driving techniques by always going the speed limit and leaving ample room between yourself and the car in front of you.

It is also important that you never drive while distracted. This means to put your mobile devices into do not disturb mode before you even take your vehicle out of park.

Program any GPS devices before you start driving, and avoid blasting the radio so you can hear what is going on around you.

And I think it might go without saying, but always wear your seat belt and keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

Following these simple and safe practices will greatly improve your chances of avoiding an accident.

If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, it is important to know your rights and take the correct steps to protect yourself physically and financially. 

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