Was your child injured at school in Georgia? Here’s what to do

We do all we can to keep them safe, but children are destined to get hurt.

They run around without a care in the world, without thinking two seconds into the future. They live free, and they aren’t worried about getting hurt.

Once their day is over, you’re likely to find new bumps and bruises that weren’t there the night before.

When you ask them what happened, they’re more than likely to shrug it off because they don’t remember.

When they’re in our care, we do all we can to protect them.

However, what happens when they go to school and we put their safety in the hands of others?

It is estimated that there are more than 14 million child injuries every year. More than a quarter of those injuries occur in or around school property.

So, who’s responsible for your child when he gets hurt at school in Georgia?

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Types of Injuries Kids Sustain At School 

Several types of injuries can happen while your child is at school.

The damage isn’t always physical; it can be emotional and psychological as well.

Here are some examples of injuries that can occur in school.

This list isn’t all-inclusive, and there are many more ways your child can be injured during school hours.


Bullying is an awful thing, but it happens every day.

The majority of the time, bullying is just name-calling, taunting, intimidation, and the like.

These aren’t physical injuries, but they can cause severe emotional and psychological distress.

Bullying can also become physical, and in some cases very violent.

It’s the school’s job to do all they can to prevent these situations from happening and to keep your kids safe at school.

If your kid is injured at school by a bully, the parents of the bully could be responsible for medical damages.

School bus injuries

School bus injuries can take a couple of different forms.

First, an injury could occur because of a defect to the bus, or because of a collision with another vehicle or object.

These accidents would likely be taken care of with an insurance claim.

The second type of injury is due to negligence by the bus driver.

The bus driver might not see what’s going on behind him, and a child gets injured because the driver isn’t paying attention.

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Food poisoning

This one is pretty straightforward.

Many kids complain about cafeteria food, but there typically isn’t anything wrong with it.

However, there have been several cases where the food has caused food poisoning.

When this happens, either the school or an outside vendor is on the hook.

Slips and Falls

These are the most common types of injuries.

Kids are usually pretty clumsy, especially the younger ones.

However, their slips and falls could be caused by a faulty handrail, ice on a sidewalk, or a wet floor.

If the school wasn’t doing its due diligence in keeping the area safe, they could be held responsible.


Who’s Responsible For The Injury?

Once the injury has occurred, it’s crucial to find out who is responsible.

Most of the time, it’s an honest mistake and no one is at fault.

Kids get banged up no matter what we do.

However, some injuries are preventable. How do we prove it?

Intentional injuries

Intentional injuries are just that, intentional.

Someone caused the injury on purpose.

These injuries usually occur as the result of bullying, when one child harms another.

However, they can also be caused by adults if an adult abuses the child.

Like I mentioned before, in the case of bullying, the parents of the bully are held responsible.

In the case of the adult, the school district can be held responsible if they didn’t do proper background checks or monitor the activity of the adult.

Negligent Injuries

When we send our kids to school, they are responsible to provide the same care for them that we would at home.


They are required to provide adequate food, shelter, transportation, and a generally safe environment.

If the school fails to provide in any of these areas, they could be deemed negligent.

I mentioned some instances of negligence earlier, but other examples of neglect could include:

  1. Inadequate training for staff
  2. Faulty playground equipment
  3. Inadequate emergency preparedness
  4. Improper food preparation


Another unique situation is when you sign a waiver.

Waivers are signed for things like field trips and competitive sports.

When you sign a waiver, you typically release the school from any responsibility for injuries that occur.

In special situations, the school could still be found negligent.


What type of school is it?

If your child was injured and you feel the school is at fault, it’s time to take the next steps.

The type of school your child attends, whether public or private, will make a huge difference in how you go about filing an injury claim or a lawsuit.

Georgia Public School

Filing a claim or lawsuit in a public school can get complicated. Since the government runs public schools, more steps need to be taken.

The first thing you need to do is act quickly.

If you feel like the school is responsible for the injury, you need to file the claim within 2-3 months.

The sooner, the better.

If the claim is denied, you can then pursue a personal injury case.

Georgia Private School

Filing a claim against a private school is more straightforward.

Private schools, just like the name says, are private companies.

They could also be non-profits, such as churches or other religious entities.

To file a claim against a private school, you need to file a personal injury case in your state’s civil court system.

No matter where the injury took place, it’s important to act right away.

You need to be sure all your expenses are covered, so you’re not left paying medical bills.

It will also keep accidents like this from happening again to other children.

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Always be prepared

We never want things like this to happen, but we still need to be ready for them.

Make sure your kids know to play it safe, and how to respond to bullies

If your child does get injured, follow the procedures above, so you know what actions to take next.

If the school or a bully is responsible for any injuries to your child, you should also talk to a lawyer.

You need to be sure you get what you’re entitled to, and that more kids won’t suffer the same fate.

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