Turning a Case Around After an Inaccurate Police Report

We’ve all seen cars that speed down the road and weave in and out of traffic. Most of the time, you can stay out of their way and hope for the best for other drivers.

The last thing Shirley expected while driving down the Truman Parkway was to be in the path of such a vehicle. She also didn’t expect to be faulted for the resulting car accident on top of her mangled car and significant injuries.

Keep reading to hear Shirley’s story and how we were able to help her turn things around.  

I met with Harry Brown personally and he sat with me for 20 minutes at our initial consultation to explain everything. He even called after my surgery to see how I was doing. I met with him several more times after that and was kept informed about my case throughout. I highly recommend Harry Brown as an attorney.


A Reckless Driver Compromises Shirley’s Position in More Ways Than One

Shirley has been driving for decades; she knows how to properly change lanes in quickly moving traffic. On the day of the accident, she was in the right lane of the parkway and prepared to merge into the left lane.

Like any responsible driver, she turned on her blinker and safely moved into the left lane with the pace of traffic.

Suddenly, she was struck from behind by another car and sent over the median and down the embankment in an uncontrolled rollover. Shirley was wearing her seatbelt, so found herself hanging upside-down when her now unrecognizable car finally stopped rolling.      

When the police arrived, the at-fault driver told them Shirley hadn’t used her signal. Thanks to that, Shirley was cited for an improper lane change, which she knew was not the case.

Of course, at that time, Shirley’s main concern was getting to the hospital to take care of her injuries. But after that, she was ready to turn her situation around.

inaccurate police report
inaccurate police report

The Brown Firm Digs Deeper When Other Lawyers Won’t

Shirley took her case to a local attorney, who quickly turned her away because she’d essentially been faulted for the accident. She tried again with another lawyer and got the same result. It seemed like no one would represent her because of the police report.

Fortunately, she approached The Brown Firm. We knew it was absurd that such a reckless driver wasn’t at fault for rear-ending our client. While we understand that police officers aren’t always trained to investigate car accidents, we felt a deeper investigation was necessary.

We took a good look at the property damage to Shirley’s car and spoke with a witness to get a better picture of what really happened.   

As it turned out, Shirley was hit squarely in the back of her car (not in the rear left side, as would be expected if she was hit as she merged into the left lane). This meant that she was already fully in the same lane as the car that hit her, not changing lanes as the police report said.

Further, with the speed that the other driver was travelling, he wouldn’t have had time to see whether Shirley’s blinker was even on.   

This was pivotal and turned things around, as Shirley had hoped.

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Shirley Takes Home the Compensation She Deserves

Without a doubt, Shirley had been rear ended by a reckless driver, and wasn’t at all responsible for the accident or her injuries.

In the end, the other driver accepted liability and Shirley was no longer at fault for the accident. She got to take home more than half of her settlement amount after paying medical bills, legal costs, and other fees.

Everyone is so glad Shirley came to The Brown Firm, and that we persisted even when other law firms didn’t see a path forward.

inaccurate police report
inaccurate police report

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