Traffic Hazards to Pay Attention to During Road Construction in Georgia

Roadwork and construction are essential in keeping roads both safe and free from excessive traffic. However, with daily commute already stressful enough, combining it with ongoing road construction definitely increases potential accident risks. Roads under construction often become more dangerous for drivers as it usually results in a large number of auto accidents every year.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, an estimated 96,626 work zone crashes occurred in 2015 mostly resulting in property damage and injuries. This statistic would only increase with hazardous conditions for motorists, the lack of awareness of these dangers, or the ability to navigate around them safely.

Any crashes that occur on the road can add up to long delays on construction which could often lead to more accidents, but it’s possible to avoid accidents by paying attention to some of these hazards associated with construction zones.


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Speeding Traffic

Road construction can be frustrating for any motorists as it can cause traffic delays. However, construction zone limits exist to keep drivers as well as the construction workers safe, and aggressive driving would only serve to endanger people.

The speed limit in construction zones in many U.S. interstate highways is 55 miles per hour when workers are not present on and can reduce further while workers are on the job.

Going over the speed limit is the leading cause of death and injury in highway construction work zones which is supported by the findings that one in three crashes in work zones are rear-ended collisions.

It can take longer to stop your car the faster you drive it which risks a collision involving yourself, other road users, and workers. Failure to obey construction zone speed limits does not only end in a potential physical injury, but it will lead you paying hefty fines and even legal charges.

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Inadequate or Incorrect Signage

Signs serve as warning or directions to drivers, advising them of upcoming road conditions or detours. The correct implementation of these signs safely guides traffic through work zones, protecting the lives and well-being of the motorists as well as the road workers in the process.

Usually placed alongside the roadway before the actual construction, these signages also warns drivers to reduce their speed and to be on the lookout for workers, machinery, and obstacles. However, not all work zones have inadequate signage or follow the correct signage guidelines, which can lead to serious accidents.

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Sharp Turns

Roads often change rapidly in construction sites. However, some work zones might have unreasonable expectations for drivers, making accidents occur more frequently. Some construction sites set up turns too sharp for the speed limit and forcing drivers to perform unsafe maneuvers that could lead to them losing control of the vehicle.

Construction companies are required to set up a construction zone that would optimize the safety of both the passing drivers as well as the workers. Motorists should be able to make gradual turns at lower speeds to reduce the chance of an accident, or the company might be liable for the crash and any resulting injuries.

Uneven Pavement

Roads become smooth as soon as roadworks are done, but during construction expect a rough ride. Bumpy roads, gravel surfaces and even large metal plates create hazardous work zone driving conditions, leading to loss of vehicle control, swerving into opposing lane, or going off-road entirely.

Motorcycles are especially at risk from uneven paving as their tires could slip or get punctured by sharp objects, resulting in them to lose control of their vehicle as they cross bumpy and dusty roads. Vehicles, on the other hand, should remain safe as long as they are driving slow enough and don’t swerve just to avoid such a portion of the road.

Failing to Maintain the Finished Road

The danger doesn’t end after construction is complete. Repaved roads might be more pleasant to drive on, but it could still have hazards you may not be aware of. Sometimes car accidents still occur long after the construction company finishes the project due to poor road conditions caused by inadequate roadway maintenance.

Construction zones have always been a dangerous area, not only for the workers involved with the projects but to the drivers passing by as well, but it doesn’t need to be as long as everyone exercises proper safety habits and measures to do better in protecting everyone from fatal injuries that auto accidents can cause.

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