Top Automobile Recalls in 2017 Due To Personal Injuries

As we wrap up 2017 and push forward into the New Year, it is important to look back at some of the most important events that took place in 2017.

From our perspective, auto accident recalls were a big deal in 2017.

In this post, the attorneys at The Brown Firm take a look back at some of the main automotive recalls that were propelled to the forefront because of the injuries they caused.

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Recall 1: The Honda Odyssey – Second Row Seats

In 2017, the most reported recalled vehicle due to injury was the Honda Odyssey. The second-row seats fold down and when they fold back up the seats do not consistently latch.

There where 46 injuries caused by this problem. In the event of a hard stop or impact, the seat will tip forward injuring the person in the seat.

Honda made efforts to inform Odyssey owners of how to latch the seat properly.

Then they did a recall to eliminate this problem and ultimately fix this issue at no cost to the vehicle owner.


Recall 2: Takata Airbags –  Explosive Deployment and Metal Shards

Top car recalls

Another major recall this year came from Takata airbags – a major parts supplier to the automotive industry as a whole. These recalled airbags go into vehicles made by 19 different automakers!

The airbags, made by Takata, were mostly installed in cars from the model year 2002 through 2015 and were having issues with the inflator housing. If the housing ruptured in a crash, it has the potential to release metal shards from the housing that can be scattered throughout the cabin. Some of those airbags could deploy explosively, injuring or even killing car occupants. If you need more detail, here is a link.

Recall 3 and 4: BMW – Firestarter

Another ongoing recall is with BMW.

The first recall details more than 672,000 models made from 2006 – 2011 and deals with the climate control systems electrical conductors, which are susceptible to overheating.

The second, more extensive recall involves the 2008-11 128i and various other 2007-11 models with six-cylinder engines. In these six-cylinder engines, the heater, designed to keep the positive crankcase ventilation from freezing up during colder weather has the potential to short-circuit, causing the parts inside its valve to melt. 

Other reported cases of fires have even been on vehicles they do not have on their recall list, so be cautious and check for recalls regularly. 

You can check here to see if your vehicle has any recalls. It is important to check on recalls because if you do not follow the recall instructions, then your warranty could be voided or much worse.


What to Do Going Forward

Almost every make or model of an automobile has had some recall whether serious or not. Regardless it is important to know your vehicle and what steps to take in case of a more serious recall event.

Additional Items to Pay Attention To

Some additional claims that might apply to an accident case are a failure to warn, manufacture defects, and design defects.

  • A failure to warn claim can include warning people of the defects well enough or give them instructions on how properly care for issues or fraudulent marketing.
  • Manufacture defects are a result of poor inspections of product parts.
  • Design defects include miscalculated design for intended use or foreseeable use that was overlooked. 

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