Tips to Keep Your Children Safe This Summer

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  1. Most Common Summer Injuries and How to Prevent Them
  2. Has Your Child Suffered a Personal Injury?

Summer is almost here and with it comes to a whole array of new and exciting outdoor activities, but this sunny season also brings an increase in personal injuries and trips to the emergency room in Georgia. Children are most often the victims of these injuries, due to an increase in particular seasonal activities.

Playing outdoors in the summer is always encouraged, but being aware of your children’s whereabouts, the most common injuries, and their causes, can help keep your family safe. Below is a list of the leading causes of summer injuries for children, and how parents can take steps to avoid them.

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Most Common Summer Injuries and How to Prevent Them

  1. Heatstroke – Heatstroke and dehydration are common among kids in the summer months. Being exposed to extreme heat, even for a short time, can result in heat stroke. Kids often do not drink enough fluids either, and become dehydrated and fatigued more quickly if they are outside playing in the heat. Be sure your children are drinking enough water and encourage breaks throughout the day to cool down.
  2. Bike Accidents – The most important safety tip regarding bikes is ensuring your child is always wearing their helmet. If they crash their bike, or a negligent driver hits them, a helmet could save them from traumatic brain injury. Try to avoid busy roads at all costs and always have them ride on the sidewalks when possible.
  3. Drowning – Over 400 children drown each year, and the majority of these take place during the summer months. Always keep an eye on your children if they are in or around water. Never leave them unsupervised, even if they know how to swim, and make sure to have the proper flotation devices for younger children and those that do not know how to swim. Taking an adult CPR class can save a life if the worst does happen.
  4. Car Accidents – Car accidents can be dangerous for people of any age, but children are more susceptible to acquiring life-threatening injuries. The number of car accidents rises during the summer because of the increase of vehicles on the road. Make sure children always wear their seat belts, sit in the back seat, and double check that their car seats are properly installed and fastened.
  5. Fireworks Accidents – Summer holidays and festivities often mean fireworks. Over 6,000 kids suffer injuries from firecrackers resulting in emergency room visits each year. Keeping fireworks away from children is the best way to prevent injury, but if they do use them, extreme caution and continuous supervision should be used.

Has Your Child Suffered a Personal Injury?

Kids will be kids, and protecting them from all potential injuries is practically impossible. Unfortunately, some personal injuries occur as a result of someone else’s negligence.

If your child was hurt in a public place, such as a summer camp, a park, a public pool, or even at a daycare center, you might be entitled to compensation for any acquired medical bills and their pain and suffering.

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