The Brown Firm Wins Multiple Claims After Client’s Double Accident

Drivers know there’s a risk of accident any time they get behind the wheel. Still, most of us don’t expect to be hit twice in one day, let alone by someone who’s trying to help.

This is exactly what happened to Keely when she was in a car accident on the interstate. Keep reading to hear her story, the challenges of her case, and how The Brown Firm helped her get the compensation she deserved.

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Keely Is Left Alone After a Rush Hour Accident

It was afternoon rush hour on a January Friday, and Keely was driving her car up I-285. The traffic ahead stopped, and she slowed to wait with the other cars.

Suddenly, the vehicle directly behind her plowed into Keely’s bumper and jerked her car forward. The other driver had been following too closely and didn’t slow to stop with the rest of traffic.

Keely and the at-fault driver pulled over to the side of the road to exchange information. After providing some basic details, the other driver fled the scene. Police did track him down to discover he was driving with a suspended license, but none of that fixed the injuries Keely was already feeling.

Multiple Claims After a Double Accident
Multiple Claims After a Double Accident

One Accident Turns into Two

After the at-fault driver left, Keely sat in her wrecked car on the side of the interstate to wait for the police. Unexpectedly, a tow truck pulled off the road and in front of her; the driver seemed to want to help Keely get safely off the interstate.

Unfortunately, the driver misjudged the distance between his truck and Keely’s car and rammed right into her front bumper while backing up to help. For Keely, the situation quickly went from bad to worse as her property damage, and possibly her injuries, doubled in severity.

Costly Injuries and a Loss of Independence

The morning after the accident, Keely awoke with worsening pain in her neck and back and wound up in the emergency room. Over the next month she spoke with various doctors at multiple facilities due to ongoing pain in her back, shoulder, arms, and legs.

Every day, Keely dealt with horrible headaches and sharp, burning pain in her body that didn’t let her live normally. Her range of motion was decreased, and the numbness and tingling in her arm caused her to drop objects regularly.

Not only was Keely faced with significant discomfort, but she felt a true loss of independence. She was told that injections, surgery, and therapy were all in her future, meaning further restrictions and, of course, financial costs. It was time to turn to The Brown Firm for help.

The Brown Firm Secures Keely’s Compensation from Three Insurance Companies

Liability for this accident was clear. Keely got hit twice when she wasn’t even moving, and both other drivers hit her while being negligent or careless. As her legal team, we didn’t anticipate much pushback from the at-fault drivers.

The larger problem was insurance policies. The driver who rear-ended Keely only had a $25,000 policy, which covered far less than the existing medical bills (remember, Keely is expected to need significant medical treatment in the future).

However, we weren’t only dealing with one at-fault driver. Because the two collisions happened in such a small window of time, the doctors couldn’t tell which injuries came from which impact. This meant we could look to an entirely separate insurance policy for Keely’s compensation.

First, to supplement the $25,000 policy, we filed a claim with Keely’s own insurance company. Fortunately, she held an underinsured motorist (UIM) policy, which is meant to support an injured person when the at-fault driver has too little coverage for the damages. Ultimately, we secured another $25,000 from that policy.

Next, we went to the insurance company of the well-meaning tow truck driver and his employer. There was no question that being hit a second time worsened any injuries Keely endured from the first impact. Companies tend to have large insurance policies, especially when they are responsible for large vehicles on the roadways. Happily, we secured over $100,000 from the towing company’s insurance.

None of this money magically healed Keely’s physical injuries, but it will certainly give her peace of mind and security as she rebuilds her comfort and strength.

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