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What is a Trip and Fall Accident?

A trip and fall accident is a type of premises liability accident that occurs when an individual trips over an object on the ground, causing them to lose their balance and fall. These accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, whether in a public building, on a sidewalk, or even in someone’s home.

Countless objects can cause trip and fall accidents, including uneven pavement, loose carpeting, cluttered floors, and poorly lit areas. These types of accidents can result in severe injuries like broken bones, head injuries, and even death.

When Do Trip and Fall Accidents Occur?

A trip and fall accident occurs when an individual trips over an object on the ground and falls. This often happens when a person does not see an object on the floor or their speed isn’t adjusted to accommodate it, causing them to topple over.

Trip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and can result in catastrophic injuries. Always be aware of your surroundings and walk carefully to prevent trip and fall accidents.

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