Super Speeder

What is a Super Speeder?

In Georgia, a super speeder is someone found guilty of going 75 mph or faster on a two-lane road or 85 mph or faster on a highway or road. Since 2010, when Georgia’s super speeder law went into effect, going well above the speed limit carries a higher penalty than a regular speeding ticket.

Being a “super speeder” comes with dire consequences. If someone was speeding and caused your car accident, a Georgia car accident lawyer could help you get compensated.

Penalties of the Super Speeder Law Versus a Standard Ticket

In Georgia, most speeding tickets are misdemeanors. If you get a normal speeding ticket, you may have to pay a fine plus any additional fees, depending on how fast you were going. 

The following are the current costs of speeding tickets in Georiga: 

  • $0 for 5 mph or less over the speed limit
  • $25 for more than 5 mph but less than 10 mph over the speed limit
  • $100 for more than 10 mph but less than 14 mph over the speed limit
  • $125 for more than 14 mph but less than 19 mph over the speed limit
  • $150 for more than 19 mph but less than 24 mph over the speed limit
  • $500 for more than 24 mph but no more than 34 mph over the speed limit

If you speed in a highway work zone, you could get a $100 to $2,000 fine or spend up to a year in jail. In addition to the standard speeding fine, the judge will also charge you various fees.

Super Speeder Fines

According to Section 40-6-189 of the Official Code of Georgia (OCGA), if you are a super speeder, you will have to pay an extra $200 in state fees on top of the fees listed above. You will lose your license or driving privileges if the fine isn’t paid within 120 days. 

In addition to the $200 super speeder fee you already owe, you’ll have to pay an additional $50 reimbursement fee to get your license or privileges back.

Points on Your Driver's License

You will also get two points on your license if you go 15 mph over the speed limit, which makes you a super speeder. Thirty miles per hour over the limit gets you four points on your license. If you go over 34 mph, it goes up to six points.

You might not know about the $200 super speeder ticket because the officer who gives you the regular speeding ticket might not tell you. The State of Georgia will probably send you the bill for the super speeder fine in the mail.

Rising Car Insurance Rates

If you’re deemed a super speeder, your car insurance will almost certainly go up. And a conviction for being a super speeder will stay on your insurance policy for around 35 months.

If you get a ticket for super speeding, you can pay the fines and fees and accept that your insurance rates will go up, or you can hire a lawyer to fight the ticket. Depending on the situation, your lawyer may be able to get the ticket reduced and lessen the effects of being labeled a super speeder.

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