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What are Stipulations?

You might think that stipulations only make things harder, but they can make your court case easier and faster. Stipulations are like ground rules; they can help you focus your lawsuit on what’s at stake. Of course, a lawyer with a lot of experience can agree on stipulations with the other party.

A stipulation is an agreement between the lawyers on both sides of a case and is meant to shorten or simplify the case. Attorneys can agree on almost any fact in a case or on what procedures will be allowed. A stipulation will let the case skip over facts that both sides agree on and move on to things that are still up for debate.

Why Are Stipulations Made?

Stipulations can also clear up significant issues, like admitting to committing traffic violations in a car accident case.

Conditions are entirely up to the people involved. You and your attorney can’t be forced to agree to something you don’t agree with. But if both sides agree, the deal can be written down, and the court will ensure it is followed.

Stipulations are often encouraged by courts because they make things easier.

What Are Some Common Stipulations?

Common stipulations can be:

  • Agreeing to use copies of documents instead of the originals
  • Rather than actually questioning a witness, both sides agree on collecting witness statements before trial
  • Choosing which pieces of evidence will be used and which won’t
  • Agreeing on what will be litigated in court

Is a Stipulation Good or Bad for My Case?

Most of the time, stipulations are good. Stipulations cut down on the length of court cases and the costs. They help you reach a quick decision and get you compensated as soon as possible. A good personal injury lawyer won’t agree to anything that would hurt your case.

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