SR-22 Insurance

What is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) form issued by your insurance company. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV or MVD) may ask for it to make sure you have liability coverage with your car insurance.

Who Needs an SR-22 Insurance or a CFR?

The courts or the DMV will let you know if you need a CFR. The need of a CFR depends on what kind of driving violations you have. Examples include:

  • A revoked or suspended license
  • Accidents caused by uninsured drivers
  • Drunk driving convictions 
  • Any serious moving violation
  • Reckless driving or repeated traffic offenses like too many tickets in a short period

Are There Fees Associated with SR-22 Insurance or a CFR?

Yes. SR-22 insurance is attached to your auto insurance policy and can only be issued by your auto insurer.

Most states charge at least $25 for each filed CFR, though some charge more. In Georgia, the fee is $25. This fee is in addition to your auto insurance premiums. Therefore, what caused you to need SR-22 insurance in the first place is likely to affect your premiums. The CFR does not transfer if you start a new insurance policy.

Is SR-22 Insurance Expensive?

No. Around $25 is charged by insurance companies as a processing fee. But remember that some insurance companies won’t cover drivers who need a CFR or SR-22, or they’ll add extra fees to their policies because of the CFR. Be aware that your insurance rates could go up, so be ready to shop around for the best prices.

Does the CFR Have an Expiration Date?

It depends. Your SR-22 should stay valid as long as your auto insurance policy is still in effect and your premiums are paid on time. If your insurance policy is canceled while you are still required to keep the CFR, your insurance company is legally required to tell the proper state authority.

In Georgia, you must keep your SR-22 insurance for three years after most violations requiring CFR. But how long you need to keep the SR-22 designation on your insurance policy will depend on the specific violation.

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