Single-Vehicle Accidents

What are Single-Vehicle Accidents?

Single-vehicle accidents involve only one car and can be just as severe as those involving multiple vehicles. They can occur when a car loses control and crashes into a tree, guardrail, or another object on or off the road. 

Single-vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries or even death and should not be underestimated. Several things that can cause a single-vehicle accident are:

  • Signs obscured by an overgrown landscape or another object
  • Slippery roadways
  • Defective car parts
  • Road hazards like fallen tree branches
  • Animals darting into the road
  • Construction zones that are not clearly marked or otherwise dangerous
  • Patches of ice

These accidents can also be caused by a driver’s actions or inactions, like driving under the influence, speeding, fatigue, or driver distraction.

Seeking Compensation in a Single-Vehicle Accident

Another responsible party may be liable for injuries in a single-vehicle accident. This includes cases where the accident is caused by debris in the road, potholes, or other weather erosion. 

To hold the responsible party liable, the victim must prove that the other party was negligent. For example, if the crash were caused by debris on the road, the victim would need to show that the party responsible for maintaining the road was aware of the debris but failed to remove it, leading to the accident.

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