Semi-Truck Accidents

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What are Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers?

A semi-truck accident is a motor vehicle collision involving large commercial trucks, also known as semi-trucks. Semis are typically used for transporting goods and are driven by professional drivers. These accidents happen frequently and often result in severe injuries or death to the driver and passengers of the other vehicle involved.

Nearly 1 in 10 vehicle fatalities are caused by collisions with commercial trucks. These accidents can happen due to various reasons, such as driver error, poor maintenance of the truck, or driver fatigue. Due to these trucks’ sheer size and weight, the damage caused in a collision can be much more severe than in a regular car accident.

Who is Liable in a Semi-Truck Accident?

Determining liability in a truck accident can be complex as multiple parties may be involved. For example, the truck driver might be liable for the accident if their actions, such as drug or alcohol consumption, traffic violations, or drowsy driving, contributed to the crash. 

As the driver’s employer, the trucking company or carrier may also bear legal responsibility for the driver’s actions and the safety of its trucks. Other parties that may be liable for a truck accident include:

  • The manufacturer of the truck and its parts
  • The owner of the cargo
  • Mechanics that maintain the vehicles
  • A local government or contractor responsible for highway design or maintenance

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