Passengers in a Car Accident Claim

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What are Passengers in a Car Accident Claim?

When we talk about car accidents, we usually think of the two drivers and try to figure out who was at fault. But accidents don’t just hurt drivers. Passengers can also get injured and have the same rights as any other motor vehicle accident victim.

If you are a passenger in a Georgia car accident, you are entitled to compensation for all of your costs, including:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medications
  • Medical Treatment
  • Rehabilitative Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Ongoing Care

No matter who caused the accident, the law says passengers have the same rights as drivers. For example, let’s say your friend was driving you home and suddenly changed lanes without letting you know. This could cause an accident. 

Even though he is your friend, you bear no fault in the accident. You can file a claim with the insurance company for your expenses.

Who Pays for the Passenger's Costs?

Most of the time, neither driver will have to pay anything out of pocket. In Georgia, all car owners are required to have auto insurance, and the insurance policy of the driver who injured you will pay for your damages. 

This is why you should always file an accident claim, even if the driver is someone you know. This is true for all kinds of car accidents, such as head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, distracted driving accidents, and so on.

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