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What is an Order?

In a personal injury case, the judge has considerable control over the procedures and the parties involved. Although jury trials for personal injury cases are permitted in Georgia, the judge retains the majority of the decision-making power before and during the trial. This includes having the authority to issue orders requiring the parties to comply with certain requirements.

An order is a binding command under the law. Most orders are made before or during the trial. As soon as you file a claim, a judge will be assigned to hear your case, and this judge has the authority to impose orders on either party.

Common orders a judge may issue include:

  • An order requiring the disclosure of specific documents or pieces of evidence, such as police reports in connection with a car accident
  • An order to cease acting, such as preventing construction on a disputed piece of land until the trial
  • An order not to alter or destroy anything, even personal documents, before trial
  • A summary judgment is an order in which the judge rules in favor of your claim because the other side has not responded to the lawsuit

An order must be followed. A party who disobeys a judge’s order could be subject to harsh punishments or perhaps have their case dismissed.

Even though the jury, not the judge, renders the final verdict in a personal injury lawsuit, it is technically also an order. So, for instance, if you win a car accident case, the judge will formally order the insurance provider to pay you the winning sum.

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