No-Contact Car Accident

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What is a No-Contact Car Accident?

A no-contact car accident is when one driver does something that forces another driver to avoid them. As a result, the second driver hits another car or property, causing damage, injuries, or both. Even if the two cars don’t touch, the first car is usually to blame for the damage caused by the crash.

Accidents that happen when there is no contact can be complicated and cause anger and frustration. If you are in a no-contact accident, your insurance company may try to say that you were the only one to blame, which is untrue. The crash happened because of the other driver, and you just reacted.

Understanding No-Contact Car Accidents

Even though they happen often, most people don’t know much about no-contact accidents. Even if you didn’t hit the other car, you still have to prove that the other driver was at fault. This is hard to do when the other driver might not even know they caused the accident. They are likely to keep going, not knowing that they just left the scene of an accident.

Examples of No-Contact Car Accidents

There are many ways a no-contact car accident can happen:

  • Brake checking or sudden stopping can cause a crash
  • Someone switches lanes without signaling, which forces you to move out of the way and causes you to crash
  • You crash because another driver doesn’t give you the right-of-way

In all of these cases, the things that caused your accident were out of your control. Even though the person who hurt you didn’t touch you, they are still responsible for your injuries because of their carelessness.

What to Do After a No-Contact Car Accident

If the negligent driver doesn’t stop and there are no witnesses, you may not have much to show as proof that the driver was negligent. You might also find it hard to receive financial compensation for damages or injuries. However, you may still be able to get compensation if you file a car accident claim. Talk to a car accident lawyer to explore your options.

Without the other driver’s information, you can’t file a claim on the no-contact person, so you’ll have to use your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to file with your insurance company. This type of insurance covers accidents with uninsured drivers and “phantom drivers.” A no-contact accident, where the other driver leaves the crash scene without knowing they caused it, is sometimes referred to as a “phantom driver accident.”

Your Insurance Company and Collision Insurance

If you have collision insurance, your insurance company usually pays for property damage costs in a no-contact accident. However, this kind of insurance is not required by law, and you do not have to buy it. It also won’t cover mental or physical injuries. So instead, uninsured motorist insurance might be a better way to get compensation for the damage the crash caused.

Don't Expect Compensation Easily

You shouldn’t expect the insurance company to offer you the full amount of compensation. Insurance companies don’t care about what is best for you, and they will do anything to pay you the least amount of money possible. It’s in your best interest to talk to a lawyer first before you agree to anything.

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