Multi-Vehicle Accidents

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What is a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

As the name suggests, a multi-vehicle accident is a type of motor vehicle collision involving two or more vehicles. These accidents can be a chain reaction collision, where one vehicle’s crash causes a domino effect of crashes, or a pileup crash, where several vehicles collide in a heap.

Multi-vehicle accidents tend to occur more frequently on roads where drivers travel at higher speeds, such as on freeways or busy roads. Due to the high number of vehicles involved, multi-vehicle accidents are known to cause severe damage and injuries.

Who is at Fault in a Three-Car Accident?

A three-vehicle crash can be complex because there will likely be three different perspectives of the events that led to the accident. As a result, the insurance companies involved must reconstruct the accident by considering all the perspectives, which can be challenging. 

In all motor vehicle accident claims, the concept of comparative negligence is considered to assign fault to each party involved. This means the insurance companies will investigate and determine the degree of fault for each driver involved in the accident.

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