Georgia DDS Point System

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What is the Georgia DDS Point System?

The point system used by the Georgia Department of Driver Services can help you remain accountable while driving. However, if you fail to exercise proper caution, you run the risk of having your driver’s license revoked because you have accumulated an excessive number of points. Find out how the DDS point system works and what a lawyer can do to help you if you are facing traffic violations by reading up on both of these topics.

The Point System of the Georgia DDS and How It Works

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) of the state of Georgia will add points to a driver’s driving history if they are found guilty of committing any sort of moving violation. After a certain amount of time has passed and a predetermined number of points have been accrued, the driver’s license may be suspended, revoked, or even canceled.

Points are Awarded Based on the Nature of the Violation

If you are found guilty of a moving violation, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) may assess anywhere from one to six points against your driving record. The following is the point system that is used, depending on the infraction:

  • Aggressive driving: 6 points
  • Unlawfully passing a school bus: 6 points
  • Reckless driving: 4 points
  • Improper passing on a hill or curve: 4 points
  • Speeding: two points for speeding between 15-18 mph over the speed limit; three points for -19-23 mph over; four points for 24-33 mph over; and six points for 34 mph or more
  • Failure to obey police officer: 3 points
  • Failure to obey a traffic-control device: 3 points
  • Failure to adequately secure load resulting in an accident: 2 points
  • Possessing an open alcoholic beverage container while driving: 2 points
  • Violation of child safety restraint: 1 point for a first offense; 2 points for subsequent offenses
  • Operating a vehicle while texting: 1 point
  • Violating the usage of wireless telecommunication device requirements: 1 point
  • Improper use of designated travel lane: 1 point for fourth or more offenses

If you were driving more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit but did not commit any other violations, you will not receive any points on your record.

How Georgia DDS Points Are Accumulated

The Georgia DDS has the authority to suspend your driver’s license if you receive 15 points on your driving record in the course of a year. The standard for adult drivers is this. The laws are stricter for those under 21.

If a driver under 21 is found guilty of any of the following offenses, their license may be suspended:

  • Aggressive Driving
  • Reckless Driving
  • Drunk Driving
  • Speeding by 24 mph or more
  • Four or more points for improperly passing a school bus
  • Eluding a police officer
  • Hit and Run Accident

Georgia drivers under the age of 18 can have their licenses suspended if they receive four or more points for any infraction.

How Long Will Points from the Georgia DDS Remain on Your Record?

In some situations, “earning” points can be seen as a positive thing. However, the point system used by the Georgia DDS is not one that you want to be involved with very frequently. When you break certain traffic laws, points are added to your driving record. These points can remain there for up to two years from the date they were initially tacked on.

How to Reduce Georgia DDS Points and Reinstate a License

Every five years, licensed drivers in Georgia have the legal right to submit a request to have a maximum of seven points removed from their driving record. In order to accomplish this, you will need to enroll in a certified defensive driving course (also referred to as Driver Improvement) and pass it with flying colors in order to receive a certificate of completion.

To request a point reduction from the Georgia Department of Driver Services, you will need to either fax or mail in this certificate or bring it in person to a local DDS center. If you are attempting to have your driver’s license reinstated, in addition to submitting a letter requesting the reinstatement requirements, you are also required to present this certificate. Your driver’s license name, date of birth, mailing address, and signature should all be included in the letter. Additionally, your license number should be included.

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