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What is an Expert Testimony/Expert Witness?

In Georgia, cases involving personal injuries are tried in front of a jury. This system is intended to assist you in getting the fairest trial possible, and in many ways, it accomplishes that goal. But juries are made up of everyday citizens who don’t have any specialized knowledge about injuries, medical conditions, or the legal system. Because of this, elaborating on your claim may be challenging if you do not have the assistance of an expert witness.

A professional with a great deal of specialized knowledge regarding an aspect of your case is what we refer to as an “expert witness.” Expert witnesses are called to testify in a variety of court cases, like handwriting experts, fire investigators, and scientists. However, in the context of a case involving personal injury, the experts who are most frequently called upon to testify are doctors and other medical professionals.

When a doctor takes the stand, they will provide expert testimony, which is their opinion as a trained medical professional regarding your condition. The following are some of the ways that your case may benefit from expert testimony:

  • Providing evidence that your condition is legitimate or that your pain is every bit as severe as you describe it to be
  • Facilitating the understanding of complex medical concepts to the jury
  • Providing an explanation of the type of treatment you require and the reason why

The most important benefit of presenting expert testimony in court is that it shifts the emphasis away from “he said, she said” exchanges. Your word does not have to compete with that of the insurance company. Instead, a neutral third party who is aware of your injury and can empathize with how you feel has taken the stand and asserted that you are correct. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that cases worth a million dollars have been won and lost because of the testimony of a single expert at this stage of a trial, which is very powerful.

If you hire a competent injury attorney, they will be able to determine whether the inclusion of expert testimony would be beneficial to your case and will be familiar with credible individuals to consult for assistance.

Contact an Attorney for Legal Help

If you were involved in a personal injury accident, it’s always in your best interest to contact an attorney to assist with your case. If you need an expert witness to testify on your behalf, your attorney will be able to assist with this process. 

Trying to handle a personal injury claim on your own can be extremely complex. If you want to be sure your case is being handled properly, you’ll want to consult with an attorney before making any decisions. 

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