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What is a Driver?

A person who operates a motor vehicle, whether it be a car, truck, bus, or van, is considered to be a driver. For work-related reasons, a motorist might be operating their own personal vehicle or a commercial vehicle. Both scenarios are possible.

How to Become a Legal Driver in Georgia

When an individual turns 15, they are eligible to submit an application for a Class C Instructional Permit, which allows them to legally operate a motor vehicle in the United States. 

They will be required to bring the following documentation with them when they go to a Department of Driver Services (DDS) Customer Service Center:

  • Identity Verification
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of School Enrollment (if under 18)
  • Testing Fee
  • Parent or Legal Guardian (if under 18)

In order to acquire the CP, the driver will also be required to demonstrate adequate vision and perform well on a test of their general knowledge.

How to Obtain a Class D Driver's License

An individual is eligible to submit an application for a Class D Provisional License once they have reached the age of 16 and have held an instructional permit for at least one year and one day. 

Applicants have to do the following:

  • Make an appointment for a road test
  • Show proof of school enrollment (if under 18)
  • Show proof of completion from the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program 
  • Have an Instructional Permit
  • Have a Parent or Guardian (if under 18)
  • Pass a road test

Additionally, in order for them to be eligible for a driver’s license, they will need to finish a driver’s education course that has been approved by the DDS.

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction or an online equivalent
  • 6 hours of driving experience with a certified instructor or completion of a parent-teen driving guide approved by DDS
  • 40 cumulative hours of additional driving experience, at least six of those at night

How to Obtain a Class C Driver's License

In Georgia, a motorist is eligible to apply for a license of any class upon reaching the age of 18, provided they have held a valid license of any class for at least one year and one day before submitting the application. They cannot have had any major traffic violation convictions in the past 12 months. The following are examples of major traffic violations:

  • Running from a police officer
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Hit and run
  • Reckless driving
  • Any violation that adds four or more points to your license 

Every motorist in Georgia is accountable for their actions when driving. They are required to drive in a manner that does not put the safety of others in jeopardy. This includes verifying that they have a license that is authentic and current.

If a motorist is careless and that results in an accident that causes injuries, the driver may be held legally accountable for the costs associated with the accident. 

If you are ever involved in an accident and believe it was the fault of another driver, seek legal counsel as soon as possible. The at-fault driver needs to be held accountable for their actions. 

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