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What is a Deposition?

A deposition is a legal process where a person gives sworn testimony under oath, usually before a trial. In personal injury litigation, it is a common method for both parties to gather information and evidence. The purpose of a deposition is to find out what a witness or party might say in court. A deposition can also help settle a case before going to trial.

How Depositions Work

Depositions occur outside of a courtroom, usually in an attorney’s office. Your attorneys, a court reporter, and the opposing counsel are present during the deposition. The person giving the deposition will be placed under oath and asked questions about the case, and they must answer truthfully.

The other side’s attorney can object to any questions, but any objections will be ruled on at a later date. The court reporter will transcribe the deposition word for word, and it will be recorded and transcripted accurately.

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