Claims-Made vs. Occurrence

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Claims-Made vs. Occurrence

Choosing between occurrence and claims-made malpractice insurance policies is important for doctors to understand. 

Occurrence malpractice insurance offers coverage for incidents that occur during the policy year, even if the claim is reported later. 

On the other hand, claims-made malpractice insurance only provides coverage if the policy was in effect at the time of the incident and when the claim was filed.

Which Type Of Medical Malpractice Insurance Is Best?

The best type of malpractice insurance depends on various factors, such as your practice situation, accessibility, and personal preference.

Some insurance carriers only offer Claims-made coverage, while others offer Claims-made and Occurrence coverage, with certain limitations for medical specialties or geographic areas.

If you need help determining which is best, seek the advice of a knowledgeable malpractice insurance agent. They’ll help you compare options and find the coverage that suits your practice needs.

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