Blind Spot Accidents

What Are Blind Spot Accidents?

A blind spot is an area around your car that can’t be seen when looking forward or at your rearview or side mirrors.

Blind spot accidents are due to limited driver visibility due to an obstruction in their line of sight. The obstruction can be caused by things like the roof pillar or headrest that can block their view. 

Blind spot accidents happen when the driver is unaware of other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects in their blind spot.

Damages Caused by a Blind Spot Accident

Various damages can occur from a blind spot accident. 

To ensure you receive proper compensation, you must maintain documentation supporting your personal injury claim.

Always call the police after a blind spot accident so you have a police report. Other things you to do after a blind spot accident are:

  • Keep copies of medical records and medical bills
  • Take photos of the crash scene and the damages to the vehicles
  • Seek medical care right away

After the accident, you should seek immediate medical care and take your vehicle to a qualified auto repair facility. Keep all documentation that will help prove the value of your claim so they can be used during negotiations.

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