At-Fault Car Accident States

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What Are At-Fault Car Accident States?

Being in an automobile accident in Georgia can have serious repercussions because it is an at-fault state. According to state law, you are accountable for all collision-related losses if you are found to be 51 percent at fault. Find out how Georgia’s at-fault laws might affect you in a collision and how a lawyer might be able to guide you through them.

What distinguishes at-fault states from no-fault states?

The “at-fault states” and the “no-fault states” are two groups of states that each have their own state laws governing auto accidents. These classifications impact how insurance policies operate and how liability is handled in an automobile accident:

  • In states where someone is found to be at fault, the driver is responsible for the accident’s costs, and their insurance will cover everyone’s share of them.
  • In no-fault states, each driver’s insurance covers their own expenses, including those for the people riding in their vehicle. Whoever caused the accident is irrelevant.

What Constitutes "At-Fault" Behavior?

Sometimes it’s clear who the offender is. There is no disputing that someone is responsible for the costs if they cause an accident by running a red light, for instance. In other situations, the cause of the accident may not be as obvious, and the responsible party may only have been negligent, meaning they could have avoided the incident by exercising greater caution.

Who Assigns Blame in an At-Fault Situation?

Insurance companies will often make an effort to determine who is at fault. Insurance companies have created intricate procedures to determine who is at fault in an automobile accident. They may consider the police report or other factors, but they are free to reach their own conclusion and are not required to agree with the police’s assessment.

You won’t always concur with the insurer’s judgment. For any claim, it’s crucial to have an experienced automobile accident attorney on your side. Your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company and assist in gathering proof that demonstrates your innocence.

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