Animals and Car Accidents

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What are Animals and Car Accidents?

When an animal unexpectedly enters the road, it can cause a collision with another vehicle.

Car accidents involving animals can happen when the motorist strikes the animal or swerves to avoid hitting it. In either case, there is a risk of fatality or very serious injury. Large animals have the potential to seriously harm a car or even break through the windshield and hit the driver or occupants. The motorist might swerve and crash into another car or something that isn’t on the road, such as a pole or tree.

Domestic Versus Wild Animals and Vehicle Collisions

When two or more vehicles collide, the person who was at fault for the accident must pay for the damages. The victim has the right to file a claim for damages. However, when only one vehicle is involved, and an animal is a factor, it is important to investigate the specifics of the incident.

Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles and Animals Often Involve Owner Negligence

The owner of a dog or other domestic animal that causes an accident by darting into traffic is usually held liable. That’s because pet owners are responsible for keeping their animals safe and out of harm’s way. The owner may be held accountable for damages if the animal is allowed to remain in the street and causes an accident.

Accidents Involving Cars and Wild Animals

Animals in the wild are a different matter. Deer are involved in nine out of ten car incidents involving wild animals, although they can also involve bears, cows, wild dogs, squirrels, or raccoons. Collisions with wild animals are rather frequent and generally on the rise.

There is nothing to prevent animals like deer from crossing in front of moving automobiles, unlike cattle and horses that may be fenced in and kept out of the way of traffic. It doesn’t always follow that you won’t be able to receive compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage if a wild animal (with no owner) caused the collision, like a deer or a raccoon.

There are many insurance choices available after a mishap involving a wild animal. Instances where you could recover compensation for losses include:

  • Your personal vehicle insurance provider
  • The local municipality
  • Or the insurance provider for a nearby landowner

An automobile accident attorney should normally be consulted in any of these circumstances. It might be challenging to handle claims even against your own insurance provider. Because insurers dislike paying out on claims, they will try to decrease or reject your claim. Your best ally to ensure you are receiving what you are due is an expert attorney.

Accidents Caused by Animals That Involved Other Drivers

A court may hold you financially responsible for the damages caused to another car if you swerved to avoid colliding with an animal but crashed into it instead. Drivers’ and passengers’ safety is prioritized over the possibility of hitting a wild animal. If you swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting the animal, you might be considered negligent.

Calling a lawyer is still a smart move in this circumstance. They can assess the specifics of your accident to decide what would be the best line of action.

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