Actual Cash Value

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What is an Actual Cash Value?

There are several ways that insurance companies might compensate you for the loss of your car. The “real monetary value” is among the most popular. It is rather common because this is the approach most insurance providers prefer. It is the amount of money you would have made if you had sold your car on the open market right before the accident. The real cash worth of your car is typically only taken into account if it is determined to be a total loss following the collision.

What is Taken Into Account When Calculating an Automobile's Actual Monetary Value?

Before determining how much your car is worth, an insurance provider will take into account a variety of information. They make their offer as part of the settlement for your auto accident based on the information you provide. These elements frequently consist of things like:

  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Vehicle Make and Model 
  • Vehicle Condition and Appearance
  • How Well the Vehicle Runs
  • Vehicle Defects, If Any

The actual cash value of the vehicle is the replacement cost minus any depreciation due to age, condition, etc.

Which Insurance Provider Performs These Valuations?

In some circumstances, the value of the harm done to your car may also need to be determined by your own insurance provider. This is especially valid if your policy includes collision protection. The replacement value of your car or the actual cost of the repairs to your car, however, may be more important to your insurance provider. Because you are a customer of theirs, your insurance provider might be more inclined to charge you extra for your car, but this isn’t always the case.

In most cases, when another driver is at fault, their insurance provider is also responsible for paying your insurance carrier for those costs.

How Does a Car's Blue Book Value Compare to Its Actual Cash Value?

You may have heard that the Kelley Blue Book can provide you with automobile resale values. Despite being very helpful, this guide is not decisive when it comes to figuring out what an automobile is really worth.

Your automobile might actually be worth a lot more than what the Blue Book says in some circumstances.

You might need to give the insurance provider more details about your vehicle, such as

  • Receipts for any vehicle upgrades or improvements
  • Maintenance records
  • Miles driven on a regular basis, whether it’s city or highway

The actual cash value of your car might be greatly increased by providing the insurance company with accurate information. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you! 

Make sure you have spoken with a lawyer before you try and speak to your insurance company. Your attorney will make sure you provide the most accurate information without putting your case in jeopardy. 

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