Justice for Slip and Fall Victim With Pre-Existing Condition: Ciarra’s Story

When you’re visiting the grocery store, you expect that the people who own and manage it will take reasonable steps to keep you safe. Unfortunately, sometimes store owners make careless decisions and mistakes that risk the wellbeing of those who shop there.

When Ciarra decided to take a trip to the store on the 4th of July, she had no idea that her life would change forever. What started as a simple errand turned into a slip and fall accident that would lead to costly medical procedures and an injury that now impacts daily activities.

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A Trip to the Store Takes a Turn for the Worse

The afternoon of Independence Day is a busy time for retailers, as customers make last-minute restocking runs for barbecues, family gatherings, and other celebrations.

Ciarra was at the store to gather supplies for the day, but her plans were suddenly put on hold when she slipped and fell due to a puddle of water on the floor, caused by melted ice from an ice machine near the entrance. There were no mats, cones, signs, or any other form of safety precautions in sight to protect her, or even warn her about the danger.

After landing on her right side, Ciarra experienced pain in her neck, right shoulder, right hand, and right knee that continued till the next day. Her decision to visit the emergency room would lead her to discover the true extent of her injuries.

Looming Medical Bills and Unshakable Pain

Over the next few weeks, Ciarra made a series of visits to emergency rooms, primary care physicians, and orthopedic specialists, resulting in a serious diagnosis. Ciarra’s fall had caused a strain of the flexor muscle in her right hip, tendonitis in her right hip, carpal tunnel syndrome in her right wrist, and ulnar neuropathy in her right arm.

After receiving a series of tests, Ciarra was told she needed surgery on her right wrist and elbow, followed by six weeks of physical therapy. She followed through with these procedures and worked hard to get back to her normal life.

However, Ciarra was still experiencing daily recurring pain after working at her job typing on a computer, even with daily exercises designed to reduce her symptoms. This pain was impacting her work and impairing her ability to perform daily tasks.

With mounting costs and no end to her pain in sight, Ciarra hoped the insurance would help, but was met with the unfortunate reality of how insurance companies treat injured claimants.


The Insurance Company Refuses to Take Responsibility for Ciarra’s Pain

Even though the facts of the accident were not in dispute and the grocery store’s negligence was clear in this case, the insurance company still tried to get out of paying Ciarra what she deserved by claiming that her injuries were pre-existing.

Before her fall, Ciarra had sought a medical opinion for some mild pain in her right hand and wrist. However, surgery was not recommended at that time, and over the following few weeks, the symptoms resolved on their own. No further action was pursued.

When Ciarra filed an insurance claim for her medical expenses after her slip and fall, the insurance company claimed that her previous doctor’s visit for wrist pain excluded her from coverage. Their argument was that Ciarra would have needed wrist surgery regardless, so they weren’t responsible for her medical expenses.

This dubious reasoning led to Ciarra’s claim being denied, leaving her with no obvious source of financial assistance for her mounting medical bills. Not only was she now dealing with her daily pain, but she now had the burden of potentially having to pay thousands out of pocket.

With her confidence in the insurance company shattered and financial costs piling up, Ciarra was unsure where to turn. However, one thing was for sure: she needed help she could trust. That’s when she decided to contact The Brown Firm.

The Brown Firm Holds the Insurance Company Accountable for Ciarra’s Injuries

Tired of facing the insurance company alone, Ciarra hired The Brown Firm to help fight back against the unfair denial of her claim.

We knew this case was going to be difficult due to her prior medical records, but The Brown Firm strongly believed her claim was legitimate and was committed to getting Ciarra justice, even when other firms may have shied away.

Using aggressive and evidence-based legal techniques, we negotiated with the insurance company to get Ciarra the compensation she deserved. We knew that the store was negligent based on the conditions at the time of the accident and used this to fight back against any attempts to undervalue or deny Ciarra’s claim.

After two weeks of negotiation, we were able to settle the case for a large amount for Ciarra to cover her medical expenses, as well as her pain and suffering. Although her settlement can’t make up for the pain she now has to manage, we were happy to bring some sense of security to Ciarra as she works towards recovery.

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