Is Your Back Injury Settlement a Fair One?

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If someone else’s actions caused a back injury that negatively impacts your life, you deserve compensation that covers your financial costs and other losses.

The thing is, most people aren’t familiar enough with injury settlements to tell a lowball offer from a fair one. All too often, they accept the initial offer from the insurance company and end up with a settlement that runs out too fast, with no way to change the terms.

A Fair Back Injury Settlement Goes Beyond Covering Medical Costs

Economic damages, like medical bills and missed work, are relatively simple to quantify for your personal injury claim. Non-economic damages, like your physical pain and emotional suffering, might not have a defined price, but they certainly have a cost.

This is why it’s so important to demand a back injury settlement that considers the adjustment you’re going through and what will give you peace of mind. For example, what if your pain makes it hard to find a sleeping position, or you’re depressed because you can no longer enjoy your favorite athletic activities? A fair settlement seeks to counter these negative impacts.

You’ll only know if your settlement is fair when you understand everything it’s supposed to do. We created this infographic to help you consider how your back injury affects your life and how your settlement can make things better.

Learn what a fair settlement should do, including:

  • Cover costs
  • Help you adjust
  • Demand accountability

To learn more how your settlement must do this and more, down the infographic today.

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