What Is the Process of Receiving a Settlement Check After Winning My Case?

The Brown Firm created this infographic to clearly explain the steps on a settlement check’s journey. When you know what’s involved, you’ll have a sense of where your money is, and when it will get to you.

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When you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, winning your case is a major cause for celebration. Of course, finally holding that compensation money in your hand is the true goal. 

So how does the settlement check get from the at-fault party’s insurance company to your bank account? 

The process is more involved than simply receiving a check once a settlement agreement is reached. Signing paperwork, negotiating debt balances, and waiting for the mail are all part of getting your money in your hands.    

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Your Settlement Check Has Work to Do Before Getting to You  

Your successful personal injury case affirms how much the accident and your injuries impact your life. But of course, validation alone only does so much. You deserve fair financial compensation so you can start to rebuild.     Most people aren’t familiar with the process of receiving a settlement check, and don’t realize it can take weeks or more. Understanding what has to happen makes it easier to plan everything, from paying the bills to your dreams for the future.    Learn about the journey of a personal injury settlement check, including: 
  • Signing the release form 
  • Depositing the money into an escrow account 
  • Paying past-due medical bills and other liens
To see the rest of the stops your settlement check makes on its way to you, download the infographic today.  

The Brown Firm is a wonderful firm! They came to my case in the middle and had to untangle a mess. They did so with great dedication and skill. They are thorough, decisive, and very knowledgeable. I was grateful to have them in my corner. Thanks to them, we won. Even after our case was finished they made certain I understood what my future options were, and how to navigate things going forward. They are a lifesaver.


Discover the Difference With a Personal Injury Attorney Who Goes Above and Beyond 

At The Brown Firm, we know the job isn’t finished just because we’ve won your case. We’ll take the time to be sure you understand what comes next and how your settlement works for you at every stop it makes. 

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