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Why Didn't the Personal Injury Lawyer Take My Case?

by The Brown Firm / July 5, 2017

Were you hurt in a car accident

Why wouldn't a personal injury lawyer take my case?

Do you think you deserve compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and damaged property but a personal injury attorney denied your case?

Well, I am here to answer your questions and solve the mystery of why your lawyer decided not to take your case.

There is probably a valid reason behind the decision and few factors that went into their final determination.

Let's check them out!

Reasons Your Personal Injury Attorney May Have Rejected Your Accident Case

The most common reason a personal injury attorney would decline taking on your case would be because the details of your accident were not appealing, and they knew they could not win your lawsuit or obtain a decent settlement for you.

Unfortunately, some cases are more valuable than others, and if an attorney turned down your personal injury case, chances are there was no money in it.

If your case was rejected by a PI Lawyer, below is a list of potential reasons your attorney may have passed on representing you.
  1. The first and most common reason is that you were at fault in the accident. If the police report and witnesses both say you caused the accident, a judge or jury would likely think the same thing. Therefore, most lawyers will not take your case because you are liable for your injuries.Need representation from a PI Attorney
  2. You were not injured in the collision. If significant damages were not incurred and no injuries were suffered, the likelihood of receiving a decent settlement offer is extremely low and not worth an attorney's time.
  3. You waited too long to see a doctor after your accident. Most professionals recommend seeing an Accident Doctor or Chiropractor no longer than 72 hours after an accident takes place, although same day treatment is always recommended. If you wait for more than the 72 hours, which is acceptable according to the insurance company, your attorney will probably be fearful you have no case against the opposing insurance company who will argue that you were not injured in the accident. 
  4. You do not require medical treatment, or you stopped going to your doctor's appointments. If your doctor found that you were uninjured, stopped attending your follow-up appointments, or discontinued necessary treatment, the insurance company will use this against you and invalidate your accident injury claim. Therefore, an attorney will likely not represent you. 
  5. If you already gave a written or recorded statement to the insurance company. Disclosing details about the accident and the extent of your injuries can be extremely damaging to a case. If you have done this, it is a giant red flag to your attorney, and they will most likely turn down your lawsuit for fear of losing the case to the insurance company because they can invalidate your potentials claims later on.

What Should I Have Done After My Accident?

If you do not have a case after your personal injury accident, you may want to learn what you could have done better after the accident took place.

If you ever experience such a tragedy again, we want you to be prepared and understand what steps to take so you can receive the monetary compensation you seek.  

Follow these steps after an accident in Georgia:

What to do after a personal injury accident in Georgia?

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The attorneys at The Brown Firm strive to help all the injured victims they can.

Our team will closely evaluate your case and see if there is any way we can help you get the compensation you need for your injuries and damages.

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