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How To Prove Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit

by The Brown Firm / June 7, 2016

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking, and when their death is caused due to the negligence of another person, the surviving family members may have the right file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party, but the question becomes, how to prove your wrongful death lawsuit

Wrongful Death Lawsuit 

A wrongful death claim can be filed against a person who's conduct or negligence caused the death of another individual. If you wish to seek compensation, you claim will need to be filed as a civil lawsuit for monetary damages. Wrongful Death lawsuits can be complicated to handle alone, which is why you should hire an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to help with your case. Proving a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Georgia

How To Prove Wrongful Death 

After you have hired a wrongful death attorney in Georgia to assist with your lawsuit, it will be up to you and your attorney to prove the various elements of a wrongful death claim before you can recover any damages. 

The court will need to be made aware that due to the defendant's negligent actions, another individual lost their life. 

To prove wrongful death occurred, the following must be established: 

  • Duty of Care: You and your personal injury attorney will need to prove to the court that the defendant owed a duty of care to the deceased individual, and because that duty was neglected, the other person died. 
  • Breach of Duty of Care: You will also need to prove that the duty of care that was owed to the deceased was breached by the defendant, such as, failing to abide by certain laws. 
  • Causation: Along with proving a breach of duty in some way, you must also prove that the negligent actions of the defendant directly caused the wrongful death

Contact an Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney 

If you have lost a loved one and believe their death resulted from the negligent actions of someone else, it is important to act quickly and hire an experienced attorney to help with your lawsuit.

At The Brown Firm, we have many years of experience handling Wrongful Death cases similar to yours. Our experienced lawyers understand the procedures to help you receive the compensation you deserve for the loss of your loved one.

We offer a free consultation to see how we can best assist with your Wrongful Death Case in Georgia. Click on the link below to speak with one of our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys


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