8 Safe Summer Driving Tips


Most people think winter is the most dangerous because of the snow covered icy roads and limited visibility. Although winter driving is dangerous, according to the Department of Transportation, it is not as dangerous as summer.

Driving down the road during a summer heat wave gives you that easy breezy feeling and seems quite serene compared to the stress of driving through a winter whiteout, but it is the most dangerous time to operate a motor vehicleThe summer season is responsible for the greatest amount of fatal car accidents out of every other time of year. 

Don’t let an auto accident strip you of all of the glorious perks summers has to offer. Here are some of the hidden driving dangers that you could prevent.

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What Factors Contribute to Summer Driving Dangers?

1. Summer Weather: 

Summer months can bring unexpected and dangerous storms. Heavy rain, thunder, and lightning, and hail can cause hazards while driving. They create dangerous road conditions by decreasing visibility and making roads slippery. 

Be sure to turn on your head lights, leave an ample distance between you and the car in from of you, and turn on your flashers as an extra precaution. If the storm produces extreme conditions, be smart and pull over until it passes. 

Extreme heat can also contribute to summer driving dangers. There is a much greater chance of your engine overheating or you dehydrating as a driver. Pull over if you notice your engine heating up and remember always to carry water with you in case of an emergency. 

2. Cyclists, Motorcyclists, and Pedestrians:

Warm weather means that people are eager to bring their bikes out onto the street after a long winter. Motorcycles and bicycles each bring their hazards to motorists, so be sure to be cautious. Sharing the road is mandatory so be aware of sudden traffic maneuvers made by bikers. Pedestrians also pose an extra risk, so it is crucial to remain alert, especially at crosswalks, so you or a pedestrian does not get hurt or killed. 

3. Teen Drivers:

Summer means no school, which also means more teen drivers will be on the road. It is a common fact that teen drivers are involved in more car accidents than any other age group. Their lack of driving experience and questionable judgment, unfortunately,  presents a greater danger for the rest of us. Remaining alert and driving defensively can help prevent these types of accidents. 

4. Construction: 

Road construction seems never ending in the summer months. The warm weather is a traditional time for construction, but it is important to be extra cautious, so you do not injure another motorist, a worker, or yourself. Injuring a construction worker can be met with severe punishment and remember to slow down, speeding in a construction zone is punishable with extremely expensive fines. 

5. Vacationers: 

Every week thousands of people leave for their favorite vacation destinations. All of these excess travelers contribute to road congestion. Heavy traffic conditions contribute to difficult driving conditions, and most of these drivers are unfamiliar with the roads and areas adding to erratic driving for you.  

6. Tire Blowouts

The summer weather can affect your tires in a negative way. Hot weather causes the air in your tires, among many other things, to expand.  If ignored or gone unnoticed this can lead to a  blowout in worn tires. It is crucial that motorists inspect their tires on a regular basis during the summer season. Proper car maintenance and tire monitoring can prevent a blowout and potential tragic auto accident. 

7. Speeding

Nice weather during summer can tempt drivers to speed. Clear roads with the sun shining above can make obeying the speed limit difficult, but following the posted speed limits is important to avoid a potentially deadly accident and costly speeding tickets.  Do not risk going too fast and endangering yourself, your passengers, or other motorists.

8. Driving Under the Influence 

Summer moths and warm weather bring more holiday weekends and parties. Many people find themselves consuming more alcohol as they mingle with friends, lounge by the pool, or relax at the beach. If you know, you will be drinking be sure to appoint a designated driver or find alternate transportation to make it home safely. 

Implementing these safety tips this summer will result in the best chance for you and your loved ones remaining safe, having a pleasant riding/driving experience and avoiding dangerous accidents. 

Involved in a Summer Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a summer car accident, be sure to receive any and all medical care for your injuries. Then you should consult with a Personal Injury Attorney if someone else’s negligence was a factor in your accident.

The majority of car accident victims are injured or killed due to the negligent actions of another motorist. If this is true in your case, you may be able to obtain compensation from the party at fault. This compensation should cover any and all expenses as a result of the accident.

Our professional and experienced car accident and personal injury attorneys can help prove the other party is liable, and help get you full compensation for the injuries you sustained.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident because of another motorist’s negligent driving behavior, then contact Georgia’s best Auto Accident Attorneys at The Brown Firm today at one of our Savannah, Atlanta, or Athens offices for a Free Consultation!  

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