4 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An Attorney

Here are some basic qualities that you should require from your attorney.

1. Expertise and Experience

When you speak with an attorney, they should never be hesitant to share their record, how they have handled similar cases to yours in the past and help explain the significance of any case delays or date changes and how that will affect the case moving forward.

2. Quality Direct Communication

Every lawyer that you interact with should acknowledge up front that you the client are in charge and that your needs superseded the needs of the attorney. Also, your attorney should tell you what to expect in your case, who is most likely going to be calling you and asking for key pieces of information and let you know the most important factors that will impact your case.

3. High Ethical Standards 

It is your right as the client to back out of any situation that you feel uncomfortable with. When you are in a free consultation with an attorney keep your ears and eyes open and look for red flags. The most common red flags to look for are:

  • Client files should be put away in an orderly fashion, if there are files laying out and completely visible to anyone walking by, this attorney is probably not too concerned about client privacy and protecting your information. 
  • Look at some of the photos around the office, if this attorney has been glad-handing with many local area politicians or people of high influence, they may look down on you as a not so important client.
  • The attorney has many low-quality reviews on different reputable sights.
  • The attorney is condescending or patronizing. If you can’t get along with this person you shouldn’t have them as your attorney no matter how qualified they may be.

4. Transparency of Fees

An attorney with integrity will not only explain to you what your case is worth but will help estimate what things will cost and be completely transparent on what their fees are. Also, make sure you have a written agreement that specifies how often you will be billed and should obligate the lawyer to provide an itemized statement listing all of the reasons you are being charged. 

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