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Who is Liable if my Car is Involved in an Accident but I was not Driving?

Written by The Brown Firm | Published: 20 September 2017

Car Accident injury cases can be very complicated due to the fact that every case is unique.

One of the main questions that must be answered when an accident occurs, is who is liable for the damages and compensation.

Thankfully, in most accidents, damages will be covered by one of the involved drivers insurance companies, usually whomever was liable for the crash, making financial recovery more likely.

However, what if the person who was driving one of the vehicles in the accident was not the owner of the car?


What You Need to Know About Your Workers' Compensation Case in Georgia

Written by The Brown Firm | Published: 07 September 2017

When you become injured on-the-job or develop an illness because of your work, Workers' Compensation is supposed to cover your medical expenses and any days of work that you had to miss as a result of the accident.  

Most employers have to buy worker's compensation insurance. To be covered by workers' comp, you must be an employee, injured while performing your job, or suffered an illness from your work environment. 

If you become injured at work, there are several things you should know about your worker's compensation case

1. Report any Injury or Illness to your Employer 


What is "Pain and Suffering" Reimbursement? - A Georgia Lawyer Explains

Written by The Brown Firm | Published: 07 July 2017
When you are involved in a personal injury accident, whether it be a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall injury, or any other type, one of the factors that determine a settlement amount is called "Pain and Suffering."