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Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you were injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Georgia, our attorneys can help you get the justice you deserve.Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Georgia

A Motorcycle Accident will often result in very serious injuries – like road rash, burns, and broken bones – or even fatalities.  

A biker has very little protection compared to the operator of a car, truck or other vehicle.  

How Our Law Firm Handles Motorcycle Accident Cases

With the Brown Firm, you have a team of dedicated Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys who are familiar with the laws governing motorcycle injuries that ensue and have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies.

Injured in a Motorcycle Wreck in Georgia?We also have access to some of the top experts, including accident reconstructionists, medical experts and interviewers to help fully detail what happened in your crash.

If you were in a Motorcycle Accident that wasn’t your fault, contact one of our lawyers to discuss your legal options for compensation.

Damages and Compensation You May Be Entitled To

You may qualify for damages to offset the costs of:

  • Hospitalization, medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Pain, suffering and emotional trauma

Knowledge of Georgia Motorcycle Law and Experience as a Medical Practitioner

In some situations, you may be unaware of certain injuries until many days or weeks after your accident. Need legal help after a Motorcycle Crash in Georgia

With more than 10 years’ experience treating victims of Georgia motorcycle accidents, Harry Brown Jr. DC, JD understands the impact a wreck can have on a person’s life, and the type of medical treatment that is often required.

He uses this knowledge to make sure you get the right care and compensation you deserve.

If your Motorcycle Accident was caused by someone else, contact The Brown Firm at  any of our Georgia offices in Savannah,  Atlanta, or Athens for legal advice and assistance in filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim.

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