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Best semi-truck accident lawyers in Point Royal, South Carolina 

Vehicular accidents in South Carolina have already reached 1,030 as stated from a government statistics.  It is also stated that 82 of which are fatal. On the other hand, we all know how semi-truck accidents contributed to these fatalities as numerous head-on collisions happen. 

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time but if it happens to you the best thing to do is call the attention of the nearest local law enforcement unit to help. And as the situation is all settled immediately seek for a reliable personal injury lawyer to help you with the compensation you deserve. 

While the pain of your injuries continues to make you suffer, medical bills will surely drain your pocket. Good thing our professional lawyers from The Brown Firm are willing to help on the process of settling your compensation. 

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What do I need to do after a car accident in Point Royal, South Carolina? 

With numerous possible injuries that can be obtained from a truck accident, bigger amount for settlement is not impossible. 

Next to calling the attention of police officers for investigation is gathering some evidence to help you with filling your complaint. Proofs such as photos from where the accident takes place, injuries, name of persons involved, police clearance, witness statements, license plates, and serial numbers are significant factors for your claims. 

Once you have gathered all the pieces of evidence required, our professional Point Royal truck accident lawyers will use them as a burden of proof in getting your monetary compensation after the accident. 

Why do you need to hire a personal injury attorney? 

When a truck accident happens, the truck driver is the one frequently safe, while the ones injured are the people driving smaller vehicles. 

Hiring a personal injury attorney is a must during these situations because they have the skills and knowledge to communicate with the insurance company of the responsible party to settle the total of the monetary compensation that would be given to you. 

Truck drivers should remain the most cautious drivers on the road because of the enormous loads that they carry on their trucks. 

What are some traffic laws that truck drivers should follow? 

There are trucking laws that drivers should follow to have a safe trip. Trucking laws are stricter than ordinary traffic laws as mandated by state and federal laws. Some of the covered guidelines are the number of hours, securing loads, weight limit, maintenance schedule, drug tests, and physical exams of drivers. 

Failing one of these criteria and still driving can lead to accidents. Once our competent Point Royal lawyers found out that violating these protocols caused the accident, not only would the violators be held accountable for monetary compensation, they may also be in trouble with the authorities. 

What is some information about truck accidents that I should know? 

Truck accidents are way different from car accidents because of the size of the vehicle and the dangers of driving trucks without proper precaution. Truck accidents are also more likely to bring more painful and permanent damage because of the load it carries.

Without our Point Royal expert lawyers, you would have a hard time filing a lawsuit because the trucking industry is more regulated by state and federal laws. 

Truck Accident Lawyer in Point Royal, SC

What are the common causes of trucking accidents? 

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents are: 

  • Human error – Perhaps the human error is the most frequent cause of why truck accidents happen. Driving drunk, texting while driving, fatigue, and distracted driving are mostly the reasons why trucks crash on other cars. 
  • Equipment failure – Trucks can cause accidents if their parts do not function properly. Truck parts can fail to serve its purpose because of their age or lack of maintenance. 
  • Weather conditions – Truck driving on harsh weather conditions like snow and rain is dangerous because the truck might lose control due to the slipperiness of the road and the weight of the load carried on the car. 
  • Improper loading – If a truckload is not correctly placed, the truck might lose imbalanced, which can potentially lead to truck accidents. Overloading can also cause the driver to control the car. 

Who is liable if I am involved in a truck accident? 

The truck driver, trucking company, the company that shipped the materials, and the party responsible for truck maintenance are the ones you can sue if you are involved in a car accident. Your lawsuit can hold one or more parties liable for your case. 

If you are involved in a car accident, there are multiple parties that our professional Point Royal can sue. The compensation that the at-fault party will have to pay depends on the severity of the damage they cause and how the accident happened. 

Hiring expert lawyers in Point Royal like the ones we have in The Brown Firm is essential because they can provide a thorough investigation of how much money is your accident worth and suing the responsible people.

What injuries can you hold people accountable for? 

Injuries can cause a lot of money and pain, and because of this, our Point Royal lawyers are more than willing to help you sue those responsible for your damages. 

Any injuries you get can be a measure of the other driver’s accountability to the accident. Some of the worst injuries that you can get during a truck accident are whiplashes, airbag injuries, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, nerve damage, and soft tissue damage. 

Contact the best semi-truck accident lawyers in Point Royal, South Carolina today! 

Being a car accident victim is no joke, they suffer both in pain and trauma. This is why our lawyers are determined to help them to at least patch the damages with the righteous monetary compensation. 

The Brown Firm has been a good provider of services for the residents of South Carolina for over three decades. And, with all this experience you can surely count on us when it comes in honesty and good quality of service. If you ever need our help don’t hesitate to call us on (843) 919-7888 or send us an email on

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