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Truck Accident Injury Attorney Savannah GA

 If you were injured in a Tractor Trailer Crash near Savannah, the Truck Accident Injury Attorney's at the Brown Firm in can help you get compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

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Many truck drivers and other commercial drivers pass through Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding cities on a daily basis. 

Because of the sheer size and weight of semi tractor trailers, Truck Accidents often lead to debilitating injuries and death.

At The Brown Firm in Savannah we are Personal Injury Attorneys that specialize in Truck Accidents and are available for a Free Consultation to discuss all of your legal options.

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There are strict government regulations that trucking companies must follow regarding the operation of their rigs.  This includes driver training and work schedules.  

When a Truck Accident ensues because of driver negligence, the driver and trucking company can be held accountable for injuries and property damage.

What are some common reasons why Truck Accidents occur?
  • Improper Maintenance performed on the Semi Truck
  • Violation of Highway safety Laws and Regulations
  • Lack of Truck Driver Experience
  • A Truck Driver who is not well rested

It is imperative that commercial truck drivers be skilled and patient while driving, if there is insufficient training provided by a company this may lead to a serious Truck accident. 

Savannah GA Truck Accident Lawyer

Often times companies have unrealistic expectations and schedules for their drivers to follow.

Truck accidents may occur due to the system of compensation that encourages faster vehicle speeds and more hours of consecutive travel than would normally be advised.

If a Truck Accident has affected the life of you or your family members it is imperative you seek legal counsel from an experienced Savannah Truck Accident Attorney who can handle your case effectively and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Our Savannah Truck Accident Attorneys will assess all possible damages resulting from your Truck Accident Injury, including but not limited too; medical bills, loss of ability to work, lost wages resulting from inability to work, pain and suffering, and punitive damages in some cases. Savannah Lawyer helps with Truck Accident Injuries

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a Truck Accident that wasn’t your fault, contact our experienced Savannah Truck Accident Attorney's from The Brown Firm for legal advice and proper representation.

Attorney Harry Brown Jr. DC, JD is intimately familiar with the debilitating injuries a person can suffer due to a Truck Accident, and will use his legal and medical experience to vigorously fight for your right to compensation.

If you were injured in a Semi Truck Accident in Savannah, Georgia, Schedule your Free Consultation today!

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