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personal injury attorney in vernonburg, georgia

The Brown Firm Personal Injury Attorneys Have Been Serving Georgia For Over 30 Years.
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Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernonburg, Georgia

Have you been involved in a Personal Injury Accident in Vernonburg, Georgia that was not your fault?

Our accident injury lawyers can help you receive maximum compensation owed to you. 

Bike Accident Injury

At The Brown Firm, our lawyers understand the complicated legal process of filing a lawsuit and obtaining just compensation.

We are prepared to fight for you and help you gain maximum compensation for your damages, injuries, pain, and suffering. 

You do not have to go through this trying time alone.

Contact our Vernonburg Personal Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation. 

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The Most Common Personal Injury Cases Our Vernonburg Attorneys Specialize In

  • Medical Malpractice 
  • Slip and Fall Injuries 
  • Motorcycle Accidents 
  • Whiplash Injuries 
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Drunk Driving Motor Vehicle Wrecks 
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries 
  • Birth Injuries 
  • Truck Accidents 
  • Car Accidents 

If you are suffering from an injury that was caused by another's reckless or careless actions, our Vernonburg Personal Injury Attorneys have over a decade of legal experience representing the victims of negligence. 

There Are Never Any Upfront Costs 

There are excessive costs that are usually associated with personal injury lawyers, and most law offices require their clients to pay up front before any legal work is begun.

This creates financial difficulty on an already overwhelming situation.

At the Brown Firm, we do not collect payment until you receive an agreeable amount during the settlement process

If you have been involved in a personal injury accident, do not continue to suffer! Contact our law office today for legal representation.

We want to help you get compensated for your injuries and unwanted troubles. The Brown Firms offers risk-free case evaluations and complementary legal advice. 

Injured at Work

The Brown Firm's Passion to Serve the Injured
  • We Work for You: We offer 24/7 open communication with our all of our clients. You needs and interests are always our top priority.
  •  Always Confidential: All discussions and details surrounding your case are kept strictly confidential. 
  • You Approve Your Settlement: If a settlement offer is received we contact you immediately to review the offer, providing our recommendation and explanation on whether you should or should not accept the offer. 
How To Protect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit 

It is critical to seek medical attention following a personal injury accident. If you intend on filing a lawsuit against the negligent party, you need proper documentation of your injuries and medical treatments following the incident if you are seeking reimbursement. 

Sometimes injuries that appear to be severe may not be, while "hidden injuries" can lead accident injury victims to believe they are fine when there is an underlying medical issue that can cause debilitating pain or anguish down the road.

The longer you wait to obtain medical care and begin treatment the harder it is to prove your case.

Remember to:

  • Immediately seek a medical attention 
  • Do not miss appointments
  • Always follow the doctor's recommendations 

Do not Sabotage Your Case. Do not be fooled by insurance companies, they are in business to make money and will always put their best interests before yours. It is important to understand that while the at-fault party's insurance adjuster may be friendly and seem helpful, their duty is to the insurance company that employs him. 

Keep the following tips in mind when dealing with an insurance claim:

  • Do not accept an immediate settlement
  • Do not underestimate how much your case is worth 
  • Keep records 
  • Be honest

Don't Wait To Hire An Attorney. There are many reasons why people wait to hire an attorney. Often they believe the cost is too excessive, while others do not know how to go about hiring the right attorney for their case. 

  • The Brown Firm attorneys work on a contingency basis; this means they do not get paid until you receive a favorable settlement.
  • Studies show that injured victims who are represented by personal injury attorneys receive on average a settlement that is more than three times higher than those who do not have an attorney. 
  • Negotiating for a just solution is a complicated process, consider an insurance adjuster full-time job is dealing with accident injury cases. They are backed by professional investigators, medical experts, vocational specialists, etc.

Personal Injury Accident Victim

The earlier you speak to a Vernonburg Personal Injury Attorney the better chance you will have of obtaining the compensation that you deserve. 

The Brown Firm will conduct all the necessary investigation processes.

We handle all negotiations with the other parties insurance company when it comes to finding an agreeable settlement amount and if an agreement cannot be reached our efforts will be centralized on taking your injury case to trial to gain the compensation you deserve. 

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Vernonburg, Georgia Today! 

If you have been hurt in an accident that was not your fault, you will most likely require a Personal Injury Lawyer to negotiate on your behalf and help you receive the benefits that you deserve. 

The Brown Firm's legal team specializes in representing victims of personal injury.

Our attorneys offer a free consultation to all personal injury accident victims in Vernonburg, Ga.

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