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Need a Pooler Personal Injury Attorney?

Have you been injured in an accident due to another individual's negligence in Pooler, Georgia?

If so, you need to seek legal counsel immediately from an experienced Personal injury Attorney in Pooler GaNo two accidents are exactly the same, so no two personal injury cases follow an identical path. 

Accident Injury Lawyer in Pooler, Georgia

By allowing our Pooler, GA Personal Injury Firm to evaluate your case and if needed, negotiate with your insurance provider, it will take a tremendous burden off of your shoulders and produce the answers you need. 

Accident injuries are devastating to a person’s physical, emotional and financial well-being. We cannot heal your pains or change what happened to you, but we can give proper direction to get you on the road to recovery by receiving a legal remedy for your medical bills, lost income, pain, and suffering.



The Brown Legal Firm is on a mission to protect the injured in a number of ways:
  • Car Accidents resulting in life-altering damages including Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injuries. There are over 20 million non-fatal car accidents each year. Hire a professional Pooler Car Accident Lawyer to receive the highest compensation for your pain and suffering.
  • Wrongful Death as a result of Auto Accidents, medical negligence, or premises liability.
  • Slip and Fall Injuries. Even if these accident injuries are unintentional, you need to hire the best Pooler Slip and Fall Lawyer.
  • Motorcycle Accidents, including Traumatic Brain Injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Whiplash and severe back pain.
  • Truck Accidents from improperly maintained vehicles, tired drivers, and violations of highway traffic and safety laws.
  • Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence, including injuries related to misdiagnosis, childbirth mistakes, surgical errors, Birth Injuries, prescription drug errors and nursing mistakes.
  • Work-Related Injuries from minor injuries that heal in days to chronic injuries that last a lifetime.
The Importance Of Professional Medical Care After An Injury

Don't Delay Medical Treatment. One of the worst things a person can do to harm their case is waiting too long to receive medical treatment.Injured in an Accident in Pooler, Georgia

Even if your initial accident injuries are due to a healthcare physician's negligence, after you contact a Pooler Medical Malpractice Attorney it is critical you receive necessary medical documentation.

If an individual does not seek medical treatment, then the at-fault party's insurance carrier will take this to mean that the individual is not injured. If you have been injured in any type of accident, get professional care from a doctor.

Sometimes injuries that appear to be severe are not, while "hidden injuries" lead the accident victim t to believe he or she is fine when in fact there are underlying medical issues.

All in all, the longer you wait to go to the doctor and begin treatment the harder it is to prove your case. Remember:

  • Immediately seek a physician's care
  • Don't miss appointments
  • Always follow the doctor's recommendations 
The Personal Injury System

The purpose of Georgia's personal injury system is to allow you to be compensated financially after suffering harm due to someone else's carelessness or intentional conduct. 

Georgia personal injury cases allow a two-year statute of limitations that you can begin a lawsuit. 

Do not compromise your legal rights, contact one of our experienced Pooler Accident Lawyers for a free consultation to help fight your case at our Toll-Free Number: (912) 226-7105.

If you or a loved one was injured by the negligence of another, our Personal Injury Attorneys provide you Over A Decade of legal and medical experience evaluating and prosecuting personal injury lawsuits.

Don't Wait To Hire An Attorney

People offer many reasons as to why they hold off on hiring an attorney. Sometimes they think it cost's too much; others believe they can negotiate a settlement themselves, and still others do not know any attorneys and aren't sure how to go about hiring the right attorney for their case.

  • The Brown Firm operates on a contingency basis; this means we do not get paid until you receive a settlement.
  • Studies show that injured victims who are represented by a personal injury lawyer receive an average settlement more than three times higher than those who are not represented.
  • Negotiating a settlement is a complicated process, consider an insurance adjusters full-time job is dealing with accidents and injury cases. He or she is backed by professional investigators, medical experts, vocational specialists, etc.

Best Personal Injury Attorney in Pooler, GA

The earlier you speak to a Pooler Personal Injury Attorney the better off you will be. Our lawyers will review the facts of your injury, determine if you have a case, estimate the value of the case, and determine the statute of limitations.

The Brown Firm will perform all necessary investigation processes, and if needed, hire additional medical experts to review your records.

We will handle all negotiations in achieving a reasonable settlement amount and if an agreement cannot be reached our efforts will be centralized on taking your injury case to trial in order to gain your deserved compensation. 

We Won't Charge You Anything Unless We Win Your Case 

There are usually excessive costs associated with numerous personal injury attorneys, and clients are typically required to pay most of the costs upfront before any legal work occurs. This creates increased financial anxiety to an already overwhelming situation.

At the Brown Firm, we simplify the process by not requiring any payment from you unless we obtain compensation during the settlement process.

  • Our lawyers work for you: We provide open communication with our clients and 24/7 availability to answer any of your questions and concerns. We represent your best interests, and your needs are our priority.
  •  All discussions remain confidential: All details and discussions about your case are kept confidential. If you wish for your lawyer to disclose any information to your spouse or other relatives, you must give us permission to do so. 
  • We will always ask permission before settling your case: If a settlement offer is received we will contact you and review the offer, providing our recommendation on whether you should accept the offer, and if not, explain why. 

Contact our law office today if you or a loved one were involved in an accident that resulted in injury. We offer a no-risk initial case evaluation and complimentary legal advice

No case is too complex or too insignificant for our legal team to review. Remember, in the event that we are unable to get the results you need, you do not have to worry about paying extensive fees.

Do not underestimate the amount of financial compensation available to you for your suffering and loss. You are in capable hands, our Best Pooler Accident Attorneys are at your disposal; they will work diligently until the case is finished, and the right outcome is achieved.

Personal Injury Help in Pooler, Georgia

Contact our Personal Injury legal team in Pooler, Ga today at (912) 226-7105 so you can gain a better understanding of our services and your legal options.

Contact our law firm today to find out more about what The Brown Firm can do for you!

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Chiropractor And Lawyer

Harry understands client injuries like only a treating medical provider can. This experience has provided him with first-hand knowledge in effective case evaluation and handling of Pooler, GA personal injury claims.

Customer Service

Our superior customer service is backed by a staff that truly cares about you, and an attorney who has the gratitude, understanding and compassion for your specific circumstances.

It is this unique customer service approach that sets us apart from other Personal Injury firms

Risk-Free, we don't get paid unless you get paid! 

That's right! Call today, we offer a free consultation and work on a Contingency Fee Basis! This means we represent clients at no charge unless they win their case.
Once we win the Lawsuit for our client, we then take a small percentage of the settlement amount for our legal fees. 
So, calling is RISK FREE! 

Client Testimonials

Outstanding Law Firm

Outstanding law firm! I highly recommend The Brown Firm to anyone seeking representation for personal injuries. Attorney Harry Brown truly cares about his clients.

Best Legal Service I've Ever Had

Best legal experience I've ever had. Attorneys contact the clients personally. You do not always talk with your case manager. Highly recommend to anyone.

Annie White ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Exceeded All My Expectations

Really nice and caring people, kept me updated throughout the entire process. This was my first time need a lawyer and the exceeded all my expectations. Would definitely recommend.