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    Okatie Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Give Five Pedestrian Safety Tips

    by The Brown Firm / March 13, 2020

    Article Table of Contents:

    Walk This Way

    Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

    Make Sure You Are Seen

    Know Where You Are Going

    Obey Traffic Rules

    Stay in Communication


    Walk this way

    There aren’t many things more relaxing than a casual stroll after a stressful day.

    Often times, it is not a particularly strenuous activity. It doesn’t take much experience, and it doesn’t seem to require very much thought.

    However, there are precious few things that one can truly take completely for granted and unfortunately walking is not one of them.

    Taking a leisurely stroll around town doesn’t sound very dangerous, but if the conditions are right, it could prove deadly.

    The Brown Firm Pedestrian Accident lawyers want you to stay as safe as possible while enjoying this simple luxury.

    The following post highlights five simple tips to help keep your constitutionals enjoyable and free from dangers. 

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    1. Pay attention to your surroundings

    One of the pleasures associated with taking a walk is the opportunity to slow down and take in all of your surroundings.

    As nice as that is, unfortunately, those are not the type of surroundings I am referring to.

    Pedestrians often think they are safe because they are not a part of traffic.

    However, this is not inherently true.

    When walking on the side of the road, a driver could very easily swerve and hit you.

    It is not unknown for a car to jump a curb and hit a pedestrian.

    Not to mention any number of other potential dangers unassociated with drivers.

    These can vary as far as tripping over an untied shoe lace to objects falling on you from third story windows.

    By and large, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on ones surroundings.

    You’ll enjoy your walk more, and you’ll be safer.

    2. Make sure you are seen.

    Sometimes it is not enough that you are being responsible by watching your surroundings.

    It’s not just yourself you have to worry about, but the others you are sharing the road with.

    You need to ensure that they are taking as much notice of you, as you are of them.

    This can be done in a multitude of different ways.

    If you are walking on the road, stay as far to the right hand side of the road as possible.

    Avoid wearing dull colors that may potentially blend into your surroundings.

    Wear bright colors and designs to stand out and be noticed by passing motorists.

    Try to limit your walks to daytime hours, and avoid walking on the road at night.

    If nighttime walks are unavoidable, try wearing reflective materials.

    A neon shirt or perhaps reflector tape will help you stay visible during the night.

    As a pedestrian, it is best to assume that no one will take notice of you until you make them.


    3. Know where you are going

    It’s tempting to be adventurous when out walking.

    The lure of the unknown is strong when one is walking without a specific purpose.

    However, as pleasant as this is, it can also prove to be quite dangerous.

    When walking out in nature, please stick to the posted paths unless you are intimately familiar with the area.

    Even then, if something were to happen that requires you rely on outside help, you want to make sure you can be found easily.

    This is equally as important in the city.

    It doesn’t matter if you live in a major metropolitan area or a tiny town. Everywhere with people living in it has rough places.

    While enjoying your stroll, take care not to wander anywhere that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

    If you must pass through such areas, take care not to linger for too long.

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    4. Obey Traffic Rules

    We all know that pedestrians have the right of way.

    However, that does not mean that pedestrians will always be safe when executing this right.

    It is important for pedestrians to take care to follow traffic rules as they are enjoying their walk.

    Only cross at designated crossing areas.

    Jaywalking is always a very bad idea.

    There have been countless occurrences of a pedestrian being positive it is safe to cross in the middle of the road, only to find that their beliefs to be less than accurate.

    When utilizing a crossing signal, be sure to only begin crossing when the sign says so.

    Do not begin crossing when the signal begins to flash.

    Do not cross when it clearly states “Do not cross.”

    When there is a person acting as a crossing guard directing pedestrian traffic, always listen implicitly to their instructions.

    Taking precautions such as these will not only keep you safe while crossing, but everyone driving as well.


    5. Stay in Communication 

    Unfortunately, even when all the precautions have been taken and all rules have been obeyed, accidents still happen.

    No one ever expects it to happen to them, but when it does, the results can be devastating.

    Nothing can be done to undo whatever has occurred.

    However, the way one responds to such tragedies can mean the difference between life and death.

    Always carry a cell phone with you when out walking, especially when in unfamiliar territory.

    However, if you are really opposed to carrying a cell phone, at least tell somewhere where you are going and establish a firm return time.

    This way, if the worst should occur, you wont be completely left alone to fend for yourself.

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    It’s regrettable that something as simple as a leisurely stroll in your hometown needs to have so many precautions and concerns associated with it.

    However, luck favors the prepared.

    By taking heed of these suggestions and being smart with your decisions, you will be less likely to have an unfortunate occurrence as a result.

    However, in the event of a pedestrian injury, the Brown Firm Pedestrian accident lawyers, want to ensure that all of your needs are being taken care of.

    If you unfortunately are the victim of a pedestrian accident, receive medical attention and contact us.

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