Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

    Auto Accident Statistics in Georgia

    Auto Accident and Injury Statistics in Georgia

    Auto Wreck Statistics in GeorgiaEach year, thousands of Georgians are hurt or killed in auto accidents. Unfortunately, the victims of these accidents are often left with life changing injuries, as well as costly medical bills.

    Without proper legal assistance from an experienced Auto Accident injury Attorney, the chances of them being made whole again drops significantly.

    To get a better picture of just how many people in Georgia are effected by Motor Vehicle Accidents each year, the Auto Accident Attorneys at the Harry Brown Firm have compiled these important statistics.

    Fatalities Based on the Type and Cause of the Accident in Georgia

    Fatal Car Accident Statistics in Georgia


    Injuries That Resulted From Motor Vehicle Accidents in Georgia

    How many car accident injuries occur in Georgia each year?


    Total Amount of Injuries and Fatalities Caused by Traffic Accidents in Georgia

    How many auto accident fatalities happen in georgia?


    County's with the most Auto Accident Fatalities in Georgia (2010-2011)

    Best PI Lawyer shows Auto Accident statistics in Georgia


    Complete County by County Breakdown of Auto Accident Statistics in Georgia


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    As you can see, motor vehicle accidents are a common occurance in the state of Georgia. When you have been injured in a car accident, it is important that you seek proper medical treatment as well as legal advice from an experienced car accident attorney.

    The team of Georgia Auto Accident Attorneys at the Brown Firm have years of experience getting the compensation our clients deserve after they have been injured in a Car, Truck, Motorcycle, or any other type of Motor Vehicle Accident.

    Do not just be another statistic. If you or someone you love has been injured in an Auto Accident in Georgia, contact the Brown Firm today and recieve a free legal consultation.

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