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What If I Was Injured At Work in Georgia?

by The Brown Firm / December 8, 2015

Georgia Workers Compensation Attorneys  

WhEn To Hire An Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney

Work Injuries in Georgia may range from anything minor to a life changing injury. In either case, as an Injured Worker you face a very complex legal process. The insurance companies may deny your claims, offer a low settlement, or delayed payments. If you have been Injured at Work there is a deadline to file your Worker's Compensation Claim and even then your claim may still be denied. 

How Can My Claim Be Denied? 

There are many reasons why your Workers Compensation claim may be denied. Many insurance companies deny legitimate claims which forces the injured employee to take legal action by hiring an attorney to enforce their rights. Here are some reasons your claim may be denied:  

  1. You failed to report your injury immediately
  2. There were no witnesses to your work accident
  3. You filed a claim after you were laid off or fired
  4. Your initial medical records indicate the presence of illegal drugs in your system
  5. There is a discrepancy between the accident report and your medical records 
  6. Your employers may also deny your claim or cover up your injury because they do not want their premiums to rise due to your Workers Compensation claim. 
  7. Insurance companies may be reluctant to offer the employee the benefits that they deserve  because they are wary of Workers Compensation fraud. This usually occurs when the employee makes an exaggerated or fake claim in order to receive a large payout. 
  8. Insurance companies may also deny a claim because it is not in their financial interest. 

If you have suffered a Work Injury you should:Workers Compensation Attorney Georgia

  • Notify your employer immediately. 
  • Give a written description of your accident 
  • Get medical attention
  • Obtain all your medical records associated with the accident
  • Contact The Brown Firm 

The Brown Firm has a team of experienced Georgia Attorneys that can help ensure your legitimate Workers Compensation claim does not get denied by the insurance companies. 

Click on the link below for a Free Consultation with one of the best Workers Compensation Attorneys in Georgia. 

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